Sunday, February 2, 2014

changes in life

Good Morning Everyone,

I am deeply sorry for the delay in my blogging. Personally, I just have not had it in me to blog nor had the time.  January was a terrible, terrible month for a lot of things and it just got worse every day as something would come up, or a phone call.  It just went into the loo pretty quick.

The nursing home called APS, (Adult Protective Services) on me,  in my dad's behalf,  and I had nothing but issues with an  overbearing woman.  She was at the house three times, and then back over to my dad at the nursing home, and then on to my mother's home, where she got my mother totally worked up and I have had nothing but going-into-bender episodes with her. On Monday the 27th, she calls me late in the afternoon, and told me that she found nothing to backup the accusations that were made at all, that everything was totally unfounded.  I asked this woman,  that my guardianship attorney wanted a letter stating that charges and accusations have been dropped, and that I will not have to endure this any more.  She complied and sent a letter, I received that on Wednesday by Certified letter.  But now, because of all of this, my life has changed for the worse and I now have to proceed onto my soon to be new life on my own.

D and I will be separating and divorcing.  The strain of all of this has been too much, and the straw that broke the back was the APS case worker coming into the home.  He is beyond furious with my dad, I am too, and because of all of this, this has changed the way I look at my dad and all of the trouble he and the nursing home has caused.  We, (D and I),  are both trying to still be friends, and take things as they come daily, but since this has happened, I am on the radar screen for any one little thing that the nursing home, or my dad can come up with.  My mom is on the radar screen now also for anything, and a case worker can come out unannounced and anything is possible now.  D feels now that we will get no peace at all since this has happened, and lines must be drawn in the sand.  The APS worker mentioned that I will have this type of intrusion with the nursing home and my dad's accusations probably every 3 months or so. By law, every time an elder mentions that they are abused, APS is contacted.  So I will have to put up with this until my dad passes away.  I will mention that I hope its soon.  I am sorry to say.

So, I have been trying to find a cheap place to call home, I have been looking at very small studio apartments, something in my budget.  D will be selling the house that we just got not too long ago, and departing and going back to over the road driving  possibly up in the Bracken oil fields for equipment operations.  I did not ask for any money as since I am my dad's guardian, I cannot receive outside money as it will interfere with dad's Medicaid, so, its been a horrid January.

I guess you never know what will happen, and especially this.  I guess I just wanted everyone to know that I will try to stay with the blog, and give you reports.  I am still reading every one's blog, and keeping up with all of you. I have been looking at studios with a possible area where I could put some container pots.  This will be one of my points where I live as I cannot exist without some type of gardening, or I will go mad.

So, just a quickly our lives were great, now its trash.  Its funny how something like Alzheimer's can be a game changer.  The sad thing is, this is what this disease can and will do.  Its just not the patient, its the whole family.  And when you are unable to get help, or anything, it will take the family down with it, hook, line and sinker.  Starting this journey, I did not realize all of the laws, rules and everything in between has taken control of our lives, and a lot of this is the result of Obamacare, or whatever you want to call it.  I will call it a mess and a total destroyer of lives.  That is one thing you can count on from this.

Well, I will go for now.  I promise I will stay in contact.  I will be able to take the computer with me, so I can take care of my problem children's (parents) business.  I am only hoping that things may calm down, I doubt it, but until then, I am just taking it a day at a time.
I just want to again, thank all of you for your readership, your emails, and thoughts.  I want all of you to know that it is you that I am able to even get up in the morning to see what it going on.  Without all of you, I am not sure where I would be.  Thank you all for just being here, where ever in the world.

Hugs to All of You

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Most Joyous and Blessed Christmas Greeting

Good Morning Everyone,

I am sorry for the huge gap in posting, but as usual, I had some very urgent matters pertaining to my Dad with guardianship and the state and the nursing home trying to step in to take over.  I had to petition a district judge to step in to stop the mess, which thankfully he did and gave me a emergency guardianship and protection.  I was not expecting this and for a while, it was horrible, stressful and seemingly, not to ever end.  On top of all of that, my mom went into the hospital, and after a few days, I fell ill from some yucky flu something, that had me feeling terrible, and even now, I do not have too much strength or anything.  I am better, but still not up to par.  I will mend though.

I just want to wish everyone a most Joyous Holiday Season, in which I hope 2014 will have better tidings for all.
I want to thank all of you for your readership, support and just being there
Wishing all of you very special people a Wonderful Merry Christmas, and Blessed Tidings.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Good Morning Everyone,

I have been working on a post for over a week now.  As most of you know, I have been in the process of working with an elderly law attorney to get elder Medicaid waivers  for my parents, especially for my dad, who is in a care facility, to cover the long term care.  My mom, who is still at home, now has my dad's income to help with her expenses to pay for utilities and groceries. It took an attorney to get this done as the case worker who was assigned this case was nothing more than a b***h, pure and simple.  She also tried to get me into hot water, saying I performed an illegal act by putting in some of my money in the account and she *tried* to lower the boom on me and have charges brought up against me.  Well, in the law firm I am using for my parents legal issues, there was a young attorney, who was new to the firm and the attorney who was working with the Medicaid, called in this youngster to take on the b***h and her accusations, and he did it pro bono, as I just did not have funds to pay for this case, plus I am also paying for guardianship of both parents also.  So my plate is way beyond full.  This young attorney practices several fields and also handles defense cases for small issues like what I had arise, and one phone call to the case worker backed her off instantly, and I,  from what I have received in the mail,have  no more issues.  I received notification that my dad's case is handled now, and things are somewhat smoothed over for the nursing home.  I still have the petition for court for guardianship next Tuesday and will hopefully have no issues with that.  That was one important reason this young attorney got involved is the fact that I did not need a criminal record from a silly notion to hurt the guardianship for my parents, the case worker did not realize that was going on, and also did not know I was an only child and totally backed off from the young attorney's threats, which I was told he did, and also threatened her job at the state.  I hope that I do not have repercussions from that.
I will tell you that this little incident has really affected me, mentally and physically.  I have never been threatened like that before in my life with criminal action.  It was mind numbing and also shows what kind of a world we live in now. So take heed in this as it may happen to you.  The laws have changed so much in the last few years, and law for guardianship are steep. And to make matters even worse for me since I have a petition in court for guardianship,. last week, a woman, who was a state guardian for over 600 vulnerable adults in the State Medicaid system, was caught from a state audit of taking over $600,000.00 of these adult's money and using it herself.  From this case now, it has really affected my case and many others who are in the process of petitioning the courts for guardianship of family members.  My guardianship attorney, who is also with the same firm as my medicaid attorney, has warned me this will affect the court's view of myself and the case.  We will just have to go and see what kind of a mess this woman left for all who are in the process of guardianship.  It has left a bad mark for all.

Other than that and some issues with my parents and them acting up, its been quiet. I really have not had time to do much of anything.  I have tried to stop for even a few minutes, to cut out fabric for a quilt that I am trying to put together.  Even 15 minutes, helps me to get a little further.  It is mind soothing, and helps me to calm down. I  can hardly wait until I get the pieces cut and then I can fire up the sewing machine and start piecing it together.  Sharon, I am getting back into quilting slowly.  It took me a little bit to figure out the quilting rulers and the quarter inch you need for your seams.  After a few boo-boo's, got that figured out.
As I progress, and get some blocks done, I will post what I am working on.  I have four quilt patterns I am setting up for myself and two for a new niece-in-law and her young daughter.  I planned to do this to welcome her into D's family.

Like I mentioned on Sharon's blog. Mornings Minion, it is the brown season here.  As I am typing this post, it is starting to snow, and its just cold, period.  It is 11 *F with a wind chill of -7* F.  Tonight, the windchill will get to around -20*F to -25*F.  I am not sure of Celsius, but that's  cold. We aren't supposed to get too much snow, but the cold air.  I think I heard that this weekend, Sunday, we are supposed to maybe have significant snow, but for now, its just wait and see now.  If  the weather service posted a winter storm warning or blizzard warning, then its going to happen, until then, I'll just wait and see.

I am posting a new photo  of a new kitty I adopted about a month ago.  She was brought into my vet's clinic, from the animal shelter,  to be put to sleep, as she was old and old cats with no teeth cannot be adopted out or even be put on farms.  This beautiful cat was old and has only four teeth, but she was a house cat of some one's and her family never bothered to claim her or look for her.  She is a beautiful cat, a Siamese, and she is old, and I have no idea how old, but she is healthy, plays and bounces around, has the Siamese personality.  She is very charming and mellow.  So we welcomed her into our home and she is fitting in very well.  I was so glad I was in the vet's office picking up medication for a asthmatic cat as  she was 5 minutes away from euthanasia. It was meant to be.  Her name is Sammi.

Thanksgiving was quiet somewhat.  We spent noon Thanksgiving dinner with my dad, who was not good company.  It was stressful, and unpleasant.  But we endured and then the nursing home kitchen brought me a plate to take to my mom so she could have dinner also.  My dad is so mad at me about staying at the home, but he is next to impossible to take care of, doesn't eat, and argues with you.  He is not social with anyone, and tells me he wants to go home, but mentally, we are quite sure he will harm himself, to die by his hand somehow, and so he will stay there. My mother also cannot handle him at all. And all they would do is fight and I know and so does the Doctor, that she would hurt dad somehow and I do not need that either.    My mother's mental capabilities are not good either, as she is now getting violent outbursts and while I was down not blogging, she came after me with her cane and almost got me in the head.  D was there and came in between us to deflect the blow and then handled her and got her under control.  My mom will back down from D, but not me, which is what late stage 3 Alzheimer's do.  We told her one more outburst and she will be placed into the home with Dad, no questions asked or anything.  That will be that.

That is most of the reason I just have not blogged.  I am just too drained of energy, and the ability to even blog about anything.  My mind is consumed from all of this going on.  I would put my mother in the home, but at this moment in time, it just isn't in the works.  If I can hang on until spring, then it would look better, and I can get her placed and the home sold.  But now with winter coming on, its just not a good idea.

So, at this moment,  I am trying to get some sort of Holiday spirit.  I am doing a little decorating.  I am planning on doing some baking of some Christmas cakes or a fruit cake.  I would like to try Leanne's cake recipe. A lot will depend on what kind of a day I have with my folks.  My days revolve around that every day.  So if its quiet somewhat, I will tackle it.  I have to have some quiet to bake. Baking is not one of my expert pleasures but I did manage to make two pumpkin pies and they were very good I thought.  So maybe there is hope for me yet.

Not much at all to do outside now.   We are into the cold air now, and sometime soon, we will get snow, a blizzard or icy crap to make you stay in and enjoy the inside and eat yourself silly.  I am glad I am picking up my quilting.  Its just taking me a little while to remember things and how to use tools and the rulers.  I have a small stash of fabric I have collected for several years now, knowing that I would start to quilt at sometime.  It is now. As I am typing this to finish, a whole bunch of tumbleweeds are flying across the yard from the pasture to the west of me.  The wind is out of the north/northwest and some of the weeds are huge.  We had some bad winds the last few weeks, and some of those tumbleweeds were over 5 feet tall and wide. Just huge. They are the pits to handle.  They are prickly and bite-y. So you have to handle them with heavy gloves and then get out the big tree nippers and cut them up to place into the yard waste containers.  They are nasty weeds.

Well, I think that I have posted enough. I have some beef in the crockpot going, and I am having beef and noodles tonight.  I like the crockpot as you don't have to babysit the cooking.  My kind of cooking.
I wish everyone a wonderful rest of the week, and a peaceful weekend. Enjoy!

Love and Hugs

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday Wishes

Good Morning Everyone,

I would just like to wish my US blog readers a most wonderful and peaceful Thanksgiving Holiday season. To my around the world readers, I wish a peaceful and wonderful upcoming weekend.
I am composing a post to the recent goings-on that has filled my weeks with stress and some accomplishment.  Until then, Happy Thanksgiving Holiday.
Hugs and Love to All

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Back from the Dead (Walking Dead, that is)

Just a very quick pop-in.  I am still here, have had many trials, tribulations, and nerve-wracking moments, but I AM still here.

I have an appointment with the attorney tomorrow at 10 AM, and I will find out if we are in the closing moments of this draining, emotional element with my parents.  My next emotional moment will be December 10th, as I go to court to petition the court for guardianship/conservator over both parents.  It has been a hell of a rodeo, and in the mean time, dealing with both parents and their emotional problems and needs. 
I will compose more over the weekend and keep you posted. 

Thank you for all of your understanding, and thoughts, prayers, karma, comments.  I will touch base later.
Hugs to All

Saturday, September 21, 2013

update info on flooding

Good Morning Everyone,
Sept 20th.
I checked the flood marker at the bridge where it goes into the main part of the community off of the I-80 corridor and its at 5.69 ft as of 7 am this morning.  It will start arriving later this morning and be a full river by lunch time.  The care center where my dad is, is on stand-by to evacuate the residence to the church in the event the water starts crawling up the bank of the river.  I was going into town early this morning as I just looked that I was out of canning jar lids and so its a mad dash to get some and check my mom and then a mad dash home again.  I was going to try to get some photos, but I think that everything will be blocked off and too much traffic will be going on, so I will wait to see if I can get something later, if we are not all doing the back stroke or as Max in Colorado told me, paddling on a surfboard.
I just want to thank all of you for prayers, support and just being here, its wonderful knowing that people from all over the world share in what goes on in your little part of the world.

Update 9-21

We are all ok and the river is somewhat within its banks.   I just checked NOAA's web site and at noon (its 12:45 pm now, it was 13.83 ft.  They are possibly looking at a record of 14 ft at its crest.  Everything is holding though, and my dad is still at the care center on stand-by to evacuate.  I will blog later in the weekend and let you know what went on, but we are all ok, and the bridges are holding, and sewer drains are holding.
Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers.  I send thoughts, prayers to the folks to the west of me in Colorado. 
I will try to get some photos if I can get somewhat close to the bridge.  There are a lot of people out my way, oogling over what is going on.  The traffic is horrid, so I think I may wait until next week to catch some photos.  We will continue to have high water for the week.
I will try to have a better post hopefully Sunday. Until then, love and hugs to all.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Checking in

Good Morning,

I am up, checking in on the NOAA web site about the flood waters coming down the pike from Colorado.  We should start seeing water rise this morning sometime.

I went yesterday and before going home, stopped and took photos of the South Platte river, as best as I could.  We have a bridge that spans the river to the west of my home, this is Buffalo Bill Avenue.  This particular bridge is what the city is worried about as it has never been in a flood before, it was built about two years ago, and this will be a test to see if it holds up, big question.
The city is talking of shutting down this road.  As you can see by the photos, if you can, that this  river will be full when the water starts coming down, it will possibly crest at 13.5 ft or 14 ft. They are just not sure.  We are just holding on that the water will not pass the I-80 corridor which is the interstate that crosses the state. The interstate is north of me.  I was trying to take some photos of the interstate yesterday, but there were several cops, state patrol and I got the "don't stop" look and so moved on.  I am surprised that I was able to get over the river bridge to get photos.

I assure you that this will be full by Friday morning.  I stopped by the care center to see what was in place for the residences  there, including my dad, they are on the plan to move residents to a large church close to my parents home and they will be placed there.  I have to go in the morning and pack a small bag for my dad of clothing and other needs and they will start transporting maybe Friday sometime.  They are just not sure.  I have to stand by to see if my mom will be ok, also, as their home is just down from the care center.  Its just a wait and see, but I am sure if the water even shows anything, everyone will be moved.  I have to see how it will be for us, to see if the water starts to cross the interstate, and then if they start blocking roads, I have no way to get to the folks.  The care center is right next to the river, but it is up higher, but still something you do not wait around and wait and see attitude.
This will be a nerve wracking weekend.  We have had flooding, several years ago, but it was the North Platte river, which is north of us.  This time, its the South Platte, and lots of business is located south.  Again, its a wait and see and then rush like mad to get moved to higher ground.  The city should of been working on this the next day after the news of the Colorado flooding.  I love the fact of the government being the last to do anything to help prepare.  Sandbags could of started being made available to people to start working on this, and now, many of the small towns and villages are not ready.  On our local news, the small towns are just starting Tuesday night and Wednesday sand bagging around their communities.  Way to go.

I will post as I can, and keep up to date the best as I can.  Until then,  I am still here, and am praying.