Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's so refreshing today

Good Morning All

Oh, during the night, the temps came down and it was a VERY delightful 51 * this morning, wow, I was out with my tea and to let Belle out ( my dog) this morning about 5:30 am, and to get started on doing some tomatoes and get these processed.  I am going to do Tuesday afternoon farmer's market as it will be wonderful and cool, and I won't wilt in the heat.  The temps tonight are supposed to drop into the upper 40's, excellent sleeping weather, and no A/C going.  I got my light bill yesterday, and our rates increased dramatically, and I fell over, and on a set income, I am not sure how to pay this, so off to market to sell, sell, sell.

I have an eight legged guest staying at my house.  About this time of year, I get the garden spiders, and they set up house in various places, this one is on the front of the house, in where the morning glories are crawling up the front, and she has a great bug catching spot, and her plate was full yesterday, when I took this photo of her. She is small now, but these kind, (I'm not sure what species), get fairly large, and are lemon yellow on their backs, and very shiny black.  I don't mind them outside, but I am not a fan of spiders inside, I like to know where they are at, and I can handle that, but when I don't know where they are at, I'm a little freaked.  Anyway, I'm enjoying her antics, jumping around catching bugs and flies, she is very quick.  I have a picture of her posted.  IF you don't like spiders, don't look.

Anyway, I have to get back to my tomatoes, and I have some dehydrating to do also.  I am making a vegetable bouillion of sorts, and I dry it, and then break it up into pieces for soups and sauces, etc, where ever you need flavor in something.

So for today, I wish everyone a wonderful day, I hope cooler air for some of you, I will try to send some your way.


  1. Would love to know a bit more about the vegetable bouillion - what's in it and how - never thought of doing something like this with the veggies - good idea!!

  2. It's warm here is Hollywood Ca. but it's the frst heat we have had this year. Whar's nice is that we don't have hunidity here. It will be back in the mid 70's by the weekend.