Sunday, August 29, 2010

Please read this

I came across this. Please read this.
I will post if time gives me a chance later this week as I would like to discuss this more.
I am having a somewhat slow day, not having any energy to do anything, and I get days like this. 
Everyone, please have a blessed Sunday, and I will be back in touch later.

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  1. I completely understand those days of no energy. Did you have those times before you had your thyroid out? I ask because I don't know if it is the thyroid or other issues with me. I have nodules that they keep testing but come up "inconclusive." So we "watch" them. I hope that is not too personal of a question.

    Were you referring to the Old MacDonald article when you said "Please Read This?" I look forward to the discussion.

    Praying you get some energy soon.