Sunday, September 12, 2010

ICU updates

Well, here is my little patient, I am sure that we are on the mend, though it was a total touch and go situation.
When I get her more stable, I will give her a quick bath and a fluff, to make her feel better and look better.
Thank you from all of you who wish her well, and me to give me the strength to help her.  I now have some upper respitory viruses going on in the house with my older cats, I usually have this during this time of year when I get some cooler weather, and I open the windows, so I have sneezing and wheezing and plugged up cats, my two newer kittens have it the worst, so I have been really getting them stable on top of having this little kitty to get well. Plus I am trying to keep the ICU kitten away from the other sneezing, I don't need her sick with this crap on top of what she had going on.   Calgon, take me away........
I am  running a MASH unit it seems, and I  haven't gotten much sleep, but I will plug away, and keep at the other kittens who are having more difficulty shaking off this respitory crap.  I run into this every few years, and with the air changing from summer to fall, it seems the pollen and molds are bad no matter what.
I will try to get back with the blog on home subject matters, hopefully in a few days when I get everyone more stable.
Thank you all for your concerns and thoughts.


  1. What a cutie pie! And those other kitties are so adorable. They are all very blessed to have a nurse/mama like you!

  2. She is seriously cute and certainly deserves a chance to live.

    Our smallest cat Banshee (who was found on the roadside as a tiny kitten and never grew beyond six months old size) has had a respiratory infection this past week too, on top of conjunctavitis. When she seems me coming with the eye drops and the anti-biotics, she is NOT happy. Last day today though and she is pretty well back to normal.

    I hope you can manage to catch up on your rest.

  3. A MASH unit for your feine family. That is cute, and I'm sure they are in good hands. Bless you as you tenderly take care of them. They are sweetie pies.


  4. It sounds like you have your hands full. Hope they get well soon and things get back to normal for you.

    It seems that the change of seasons is the worst time for allergies of any kind in all species.

  5. I've had very good luck with feeding kittens with what is commonly known as kitty glop. I add vitamins and L-Lysine crushed and mixed into it and rarely have an upper respiratory or bad eye problem when I use this. Even if they have it, it will usually clear it up within 3-5 days. altho a lot of the recipes on line say to use canned milk I use the canned goats milk or fresh if I can find it. the goat milk is easier on tiny tummies. and don't forget to use pedialyte (plain variety) for a little added oomph either dribbled down throats or in the kitty glop! Here's my recipe:
    1 env. plain knox gelatin
    1 c. water
    bring to boil, add gelatin and cool
    meanwhile mix up the yolk of an egg, 2 T. plain yogurt (make sure it is live culture), 1 T mayonnaise, 1 t. karo syrup. Whip that up til smooth.
    Now here is where I add vitamins and the L-Lysine. I grind the L-Lysine tablets with my mortar/pestle until really smooth, then add to the mixture. Then I add in the can of goat milk and the water/gelatin mixture. Cover and set in fridge - it will jell up. to feed, heat small amount for one feeding, keep refrigerated. can be frozen in ice cube tray if you need it for longer than 5-7 days - as ice cube 'glop' warm in micro and serve.

    I've never had a kitten refuse this, the yogurt helps keep the proper level of bacteria in gut, and the glop provides full nutritional 'value' for kittens. Used this for 1 week old kittens on up to geriatric cats who need a boost because of their age. excellent for nursing mothers or cats who are ill.