Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall cleanup

Hello Everyone,

Well, I've been able to start some of my fall clean-up around my place.  It is kinda a mess, had a lot going on and not enough hours or time in the day to complete it. 

I pulled all of my peppers out of their buckets except the Tabasco peppers, I am still getting a few and I will throw these into my vinegar jar to seep and see if I can make sauce later.  I have never tried this before, so its a little new to me.
I pulled my bean vines and tomatoes and cucumber vines on the south side and will take down my fence I use as a trellis.  I use snow fence to trellis and string up vegetables holding everything up with fence stakes that are about 5 feet long, since I am a poor slob, I cannot afford the fancy things that gardeners use to trellis cucumbers and tomatoes so I use this.
I also garden in large plastic blue tubs that are about 20 gal each.  I get these at the dollar store and have used these for a long time.   Where I live, I cannot dig as the utilities are strung all over the lot, and I did have the utility company digger's come out a few years ago and mark the utilities where they run, like water, sewer, electricity, and gas lines, so I do know where they are at, but for me to dig is an understatement, so this is easier for me to handle and work with.

I also grow in the bags of garden soil.  I think that is is called "bag gardening" or instant beds, but I use this also.  I have had good luck with tomatoes, peppers, beans, but I will tell you, don't buy cheap topsoil as some of this stuff is clay based and does the plant no good for the root system.  Spend a little more on good soil or container soil and you will be rewarded with a wonderful bag garden.  I bought some cheap soil and had some problems with yucky clay soil.  So I will take this soil next spring, and mix with peat moss and compost and fill my buckets and dress them out for lettuce and greens. I have a very tiny space in which to grow produce, so I have to really plan and use my space well, I will try to have some photos of my garden spaces.
The best soil I used was the Miracle Grow potting soil for containers.  I grew some awesome cherry tomatoes in it to try and they did beautiful.  I'm not promoting Miracle Grow, but they did good. It even had fertilizer in it and I did not have to dress any bags.

I am still canning.  I have some more tomatoes to can for salsa.  I have some hot salsa in the frig to start, and I got some apples from the neighbor's tree to see if I can do something with them.  They have holes, and I'm sure, some worms, so I am not sure if I can do anything with them but I am going to try sometime next week.

It is cooling off here considerably.. It is now getting into the low 40's and even into the 30's but not freezing.  But this morning, it did call for some "patchy frost " in some areas.  So I am sure some of my farmer's market friends are cleaning up and getting ready to finish up the market which ends this month.  I had very good business this first year of market and I hope to have more next year, I learned a lot, but you also learn that the public, especially here in my area, they do  not really understand the farmer's market, and expect things to be just like the Wal-mart or grocery store chain,  they expect perfect produce and what ever else you have, which those of us who live with in our means or frugal know that you cannot provide the "perfect" anything.  So this is a stumbling block with the public here.

Mom is doing ok.  ICU kitty is having some issues with the bowels, but the vet says its because she is tiny and will have to grow out of this, so it will be a long haul with this little girl, but she is doing better, and growing.
When I had all of this going on at the house, I sure got behind with everything else.  My mom really cannot go anywhere any more with the hips falling out of their sockets, and we cannot go clear to Omaha to replace anything.  This is one of the problems living in a retarded rural area like this, little health care or medical care needs. It amazes me, the community brags that it has wonderful medical care and a modern hospital, but yet tells  you that you have to go 5 hours to a city to get care.  Go figure.

Well everyone, thank you for stopping buy.  I hope to have some photos of the clean-up going on here.  I still don't have a camera, but I will try to see if I can work my camera on my cell phone.  That is something I don't have much use for is a cell phone, but I do keep it because of my parents if they need me and I'm out running errands or outside.
Take care all, and enjoy your weekend plans.


  1. Denim ~ You are a busy lady, and I enjoyed reading about your way of gardening, your harvest, and canning.

    We also use what we have for trellis, etc. Can't afford to be going out and buying new stuff. Dirt is expensive enough, and we've not been buying much of that either.

    We have a vegetable market near us that we go to, and it doesn't have 'perfect' produce either like the grocery stores do. But it is edible and great prices.

    Sorry about your Mom's health problems. Does she live near you?

    Your chilly weather sounds good to me, but I know for folks like you this is only the beginning of a long winter period.

    Do take some pictures with your cell phone camera. Lots of people do that.

    Have a nice weekend taking care of your gardens, home and critters.


  2. I am glad your Mom is doing ok. We are so fortunate to live about 20 minutes from all major medical facilities that anyone could need. I thought about that when my husband had a heart attack in 2004.

    I will be looking forward to the phone pics to see how you are gardening.

    I am a frugal gardener too. I am always shocked at people who buy this amendment and that and all the other garden things that are out there luring us to spend our money when all we need is some seeds and some dirt!

    Have a good Sunday.

  3. It sounds like you are busy enough for several ladies.
    I hope you can salvage enough of the apples for the applesauce venture.
    My husband always says of worms, "Oh, its just some protein with your veggies," but I haven't noticed him being really delighted about insects in the fruit and veg.
    We have pears to deal with next and not sure just when to pick them--somehow I have an idea that they have to sit on a windowsill or counter to fully ripen. {?}