Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Access to better vegetables and food

I have wanted to post this for quite some time now, as some of you may find this useful and maybe start an access to this in your area of the country or community. I had to find out if I could do this without making someone mad about advertising this.

For quite some time now, especially during the fall and winter months where I live here in Nebraska, I have bought meat and vegetable items from an organization called "PrairieLand Food.  The organizers are located in Kansas and there are 2 women who work very hard to bring this to many folks, who are mostly on fixed income, though it is for anyone.  It is based on volunteer hours, and it means "any" volunteer hours.  It is NOT a gimmick, it is a true blue access to as fresh and possible vegetable and meat items as we can get here.  Though it is not through a co-op or CSA, it is as close as we can get here to it. These items are called "prairie paks" and there is a very large  selection of items and very reasonably priced.

If you are interested in this, and possibly find a way to bring this to your community or church or any other community based interest, please go to and read about this and if you have questions, please contact either coordinator about this program.   My coordinator is Linda Hagan as I am located in Nebraska.
I am now generally buying vegetables as I have my meat packages already.  I am so very pleased with the vegetables as they are much fresher that what I can get in the regular grocery and I don't have to fight my way through the grocery that much any more since this is getting harder for me to do so.
Please look into this as it is a god send to me and to many other who use this.  Again, this is not a gimmick, it is a true help to many who just cannot afford food items, many of the people here who use it, this is their only food source as they do not get food stamps or any assistance, and it is very reasonably priced and you can order directly online, which is what I do, or you can order through your coordinator.

Look into this for your area to see if you can implement this to your area and possibly help others who have no or little access to fresh food especially during the winter.
If you contact Linda, please tell her you found out through my blog, so she knows how her email was found. Her email and contact information is on the web site that I listed above.
Hope this may help some people.
Have a great week and I will be back with more boring details that are happening here.


  1. Good morning Denim ~ This is not in our area, but we have bought from Angel Food before. It is a good price and helps a lot of people.

    I think it is great that people are doing this because it helps so many when the economy is so bad right now.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. FlowerLady, you beat me to it...I was going to remark about the Angel Food Ministries. My In-Laws church is one of the distribution points in town (there are several). I don't know anything about it personally but my MIL thinks the food is a good bargain and a blessing for many.

  3. I was also going to mention the Angel Food Ministries. That is available in Springfield,Mo. at several locations. The In-laws Baptist church is one. My MIL is very impressed with it.

  4. During our last several years in WY I bought food through an organization called Allison's Pantry. A young woman in town served as the distributor for which she made a percentage that enabled her to be a stay at home mother.
    There were a lot of mixes and frozen prepared food in the catalog which I didn't want, and we found the frozen veggies were in too large packs to work well for us.
    I mainly bought the frozen fruit, some grains, spices, bulk honey. I wouldn't say the items were a huge saving, but there were things available which were hard to find in our area.
    Since I couldn't spend hugely on any one order it took a number of months to build up a pantry full.
    The main distribution was from Utah and may have been a Mormon related company as the LDS are big on well-stocked larders.

  5. How lovely to hear of the good work being done by these agencies in providing these meat and vegetable packs to fixed income homes. These sensibly-priced provisions must be much-appreciated and a whole lot better for you than some of the over-sprayed and badly-reared stuff at the supermarket.