Monday, November 22, 2010

Slip-sliddin' away

Good Morning readers,

I apologise for the delay in getting a blog listed.  Had tons of work, then a migraine headache, then some cold symptoms, so had to get that under control, as since I take care of elderly parents, I did not need to spread a cold to them.

Not too much is happening here except the fact we had freezing drizzle overnight here and the roads are covered with "black ice".  That is something that scares me to death, and from my over the road truck driving days, I hated to see.

Black ice you really don't see until you are driving on it and then the next thing you know your in the ditch or skating around and you not sure where you will end up at.  It is so very dangerous and you really just don't drive period until it melts.  Even if the roads are treated with salt or road cover, it doesn't help.  I can put up with the snow, and snow is better to drive on than ice, I can tell you that.  It's just nasty stuff to deal with, and we seem to get a lot of this here year after year.

So, I'm not going anywhere today.  I will call my parents, and see if they have to have anything, which I think they won't, and I'm staying in.  People here do not drive good anyway, and we have a lot of pickup trucks with people who think that if they have 4 wheel drive, they can drive faster, and get better traction than anyone else, and generally cause a lot of accidents and general mayhem.

Sunday, I was ambitious, I made a loaf of bread, and some cinnamon rolls.  The rolls didn't turn out too good, I think that my yeast is not up to snuff, so I need to get some new.  I bought something that I probably shouldn't of, but I bought 2 Lodge loaf pans and a muffin pan, and I love them.  When my grandparents and aunt and uncle passed away, we broke down the house and grandmother's loaf pans  were never found.  I have my grandmother's and great grand mother's cast iron dutch oven and pans, and I just adore them, and I will never part with them.  I guess I don't spend money and it seems that when I spend a considerable amount of something, it makes me feel bad, why, I am not sure.  It is not a foolish purchase, but I guess, when you live frugally or simple, spending money on something gives me a guilt complex. But I sure do love my pans.

Im' already getting a few garden catalogs.  I love garden catalogs, I love to look at seeds, and I love to start planning my next year's garden.  I can hardly wait. I do know that I will be doing things different, and I am planning on building raised beds, and I am planning on something so I can grow mushrooms better.  I started growing some last summer, but I didn't have luck on one species, I know because of the heat, so next year, I have a spot for them with a better layout for wood chip mulch and better cooler access.

I know in my last post I was mentioning an article about what was in a McDonald's chicken mcnugget, in the fact that there isn't anything good in it.  I tried to get the article to my blog, but since I am some what blog challenged, I didn't get that done, but if you wish to read the article and many other articles pertaining to health, please go to
and search articles about McDonald's, or key in chicken mcnuggets and you should come up with a few.  Please read and be glad you don't eat them.  I make my own nuggets, isn't that hard anyway and they are "real" chicken meat.

I am confused anyway, on things like this article and as to why the FDA and USDA and other government entities are griping now about obesity and allow fast food to function very well knowing what is in it and why the public is sick with all sorts of garbage and cancer and ADD and other afflictions of every nature.  Now, because of the health care issue, now the government is howling because it has to take on the obese and health challenged and because of the locations of a lot of these fast food joints, the urban poor have no other food options or cannot even afford healthy food.  I have my theory on this, and I won't mention it, as I had been getting somewhat challenging comments about how the government is trying to save people from their own destruction,  I simply deleted the comments and go on.  People are responsible for their own actions and if they want to eat healthy, they will seek it out however they need to.  I do not want the government to support me and tell me I have to eat this or that.  I will make my own supper, thank you very much.

And on the subject of comments, I had also been receiving some very lude comments from overseas.  Now, I know that I have readers from all over the world, and I love the readership, but I don't like and will not put up with lude behavior about where some males anatomy is and what he wants to do with it.  I'm sorry but I am quite sure you can find blogs where that sort of thing is put "so to speak" and if that is your thing, then do it.  The homesteading blogs I read and the people I hear from do not put up with this behavior either, and I will not post this nor will I tolerate it either. I love homesteading and simple life blogs because I learn from all of you and enjoy the fellowship it brings, not some sexual enlightenment, which I can't figure where that fits in with simple living, maybe my light bulb is burnt out and some of you can explain  it to me, but it does not float my boat at all.  So if you want to do this sort of thing, please go elsewhere and do it.  I am not going to tolerate it and I will not let my readers read it.  So go float your private parts somewhere else.

Anyway, I had better get my hind end in gear, I have to put some ice melt on my steps or I will have another session of slipping and sliding around which I don't want to do.  Everyone have a great week.

As Always,


  1. Hi, I was just wondering where you have been. Glad you are doing better.

    Black ice is so scary! Stay home as long as you need to. We need you around here!

    Don't let the lude spammers get to you. They send those messages out by the hundreds. They don't even read your blog. That's why I have my comments set to be moderated. I get that ugly stuff a lot. I also win lots of "contests" lol I just have to send them all my bank information so they can pay me! Does anyone fall for that???

    Good post. I really enjoy reading your stuff.

    Talk to you soon.


  2. Dear Denim ~ I'm glad to hear you are feeling better.

    Black ice would scare me. I hope you have a safe winter.

    It is awful when 'creeps' have to leave their comments that have nothing at all to do with the post, or even the blog in the first place. That's one reason I use the right to approve comments and delete bad ones.

    Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. Hi Denim - ignore those creeps who have absolutely no relevance to your life or blog.

    Sorry to hear that there is black ice about. Our eldest daughter has to drive to and from work this winter and though she's a good driver, she's a bit too confident at times. My husband will have to take her out in bad weather so she knows how to handle it.

    Don't blame you for getting those good heavy loaf pans. I have some from the 1970s and wouldn't be without them.