Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hello friends,

My apoligies for not blogging for a while, but I have been busy with another ICU, and I've also had my ex here at home with the flu, so I have been running a medivac unit, literally.

My ICU was in very bad shape and lost his right rear leg, a lot of blood, and was in renal failure when I got him last Monday the 13th.  I had  48 hours of very touch and go nursing with this sweet little man,  and I will tell you that he was on the shady side of dead when I had him here with me. From Monday night to Wed morning, I did very small amount of sub-q fluids, and a lot of praying, and Wednesday afternoon, I took him to my vet to run a blood panel, and we were really improving, still not where we want him, but so much better than he was on Monday with renal failure and deep sunk in the eyes,  sunk so deep that you could not tell they were green.

He is doing well now, and eating good, and starting to get his strength back.  Later, I will give the story behind this strong little man when I get a better idea what happened.  The only thing I was told was that he was hanging in a privacy fence for I have no idea how long, and finally when our local animal control got him, he was in great distress and did not get any medical care until Friday the 10th  at 4pm.  By then, he was bleeding  badly and was in great pain. He had surgery to amputate the right rear leg, and a 1/3 of his tail, that Friday afternoon.

But I thought I would post his  pictures as he was doing well and I think that he is on the mend, and am sure that he will make his home with me soon.  He is very sweet and quiet, and very well mannered even after his ordeal.

So, I think that I will take a short Holiday break from the blog, and rest and de-stress.  I will then post this little man's almost miracle recovery to you.  This is my Christmas present to myself, as I helped this guy survive., but I do not give myself credit, as I am merely the tool in the Master's hand.

I wish everyone a most joyous Christmas holiday season, and to my spiritual readers, a Blessed Yule season also.  May the blessings of the year fall upon all of your homes and families.

Take care all.....


  1. You know how to tug at my heart!
    You're an angel to these hurting felines and I know the kind of emotional investment that takes.
    Come to think about it, its pretty generous of you to take care of your ex-husband when he's sick--I might not be nice in that situation.
    Blessings on you and yours!

  2. Bless your heart for being so nurturing to these dear felines and caring for your sick ex as well. Taking care of others is emotionally draining. May you get some rest and emotional uplifting as you take a blogging break. Your little man sounds like a sweetheart and he will have a good home with you.

    May your Christmas be filled with peace, love, and restoration of body, mind and spirit.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  3. Bless you for your very own Christmas miracle with that puss. He is lovely and certainly deserved his chance of life. (((Christmas Hugs))) - you've earned them (and a medal for nursing your ex too).

  4. Being new to your blog I am happy to meet a person so full of love and caring. God bless you with rest and peace. Do have a blessed Christmas and an extra special New Year.

    Mary Nida