Thursday, January 20, 2011


On the left of the blog is a photo of a cat, Little Miss Nubbins, and she is a rescue from Pawsitive Partners over 11 yrs ago.
When I got the call on her, she was about 6-7 wks old, and was VERY badly damaged from being tossed through a diesel engine and cutting off her right front leg, and if you look, you will also see her back legs cut off just below the hocks or the bend in the back legs. Her tail is cut off also.  The vet who got her was in total amazement of her strength, and the will to live, she would cuddle him when he would doctor her.  The vet was a classmate of my mother's and I got the call from him to take her, and help her heal.  My mother told him of my care I do, and he did not have the heart to put her to sleep because of this strength she possessed to go on.  So I went over to the office, was in total shock and in tears but was so impressed and in disbelief of her uncanny ability to get up and get around.  So after some consulting with Doc, and some ideas of care, I was off and running into something that I had never handled before.  She was the start of the care of disabled cats and pets that I do now.
She is 11 yrs old now, and can run and jump on the bed no less, can jump on the back of chairs and the sofa.  She is a true example of what animals can achieve when they must, and it shows us something also, how to survive when all else fails.
She is my shining star, and very sweet, but she is very spoiled, and is somewhat secretive, I was able to get a photo of her on the couch without her running.  She does not like her photo taken, and she has always been like this since her injuries.  She has been in the local paper a few times, and she isn't keen to the life of a celebrity.
I hope that she doesn't shock you, I assure you she is quite comfortable, and is a very happy kitty.  And is one of my star pupils.  And I learned quite a lot about faith and hope from her.  We should take a lesson from her.


  1. I think I don't want to ask how Miss Nubbins had her accident. Such gruesome things are done to animals.
    I was choking up reading her story, but it warms my heart to know that you and the vet agreed to let her live. What a plucky little cat and how you must cherish her.
    This is an inspiring post.

  2. I echo what MM has said. There is a cat with True Grit. One who just gets on with life. Give her a BIG cuddle from me. Bless her - and YOU for taking her in and the vet for giving her a fighting chance in the first place.

  3. I was wondering about her. What a great story of survival. I see these "commercials" on TV asking for donations to various animal charities, and I just have to turn the channel. I cannot bear to look at the poor creatures. It's not that I'm squeamish -- It's just so distressing to see a picture of an animal like that. I have a friend who does what you do -- it has given his life a direction and focus that it really needed.
    Start here:

  4. Dear Denim ~ What a heart stirring story. What a trooper Miss Nubbins is and bless your heart for this healing caring that you give these sweet critters.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  5. I am just amazed that she survived and gets around like she does. Yes, she deserved a chance and you and the vet gave it to her.

    She looks very happy and contented.

  6. Denim, I am so thankful she has you. And that great doctor. Not many would give her a chance but you have given her a great life. You and Miss Nubbins are inspirational.

    Thank you for sharing her story.