Sunday, February 20, 2011

icy day

Good Evening everyone,

Boy, we had a wierd night with the weather.  First we had a some what nasty thunderstorm, complete with lightning, thunder, electricity goes off for a little bit, then rain, THEN, ice.  You could hear the rain change over to ice pellets, as they hit the side of the house.  By this morning, it was a solid sheet of ice, about a quarter of an inch thick.  And it coated everything, trees, the roads, the walks, I let the dog out, and I was not quick enough to catch her before she went off the porch and she took a nose dive on to the concrete walk I have.  I have about 3 steps down, so it wasn't a long ways, but enough, she is fine, but it caught her off guard, I am stiff in the morning, and I knew it would be slick, but I just wasn;t quick to catch Belle's collar.   Any way everyone is ok.  I did salt the steps, by the way so I don't take a nose dive.
Not too much to talk about today, but I posted some icy photos I got this morning.  Just a little bit before sundown, the sun came out just for a peek, and lit up my neighbor's yard and trees across the street, the trees and grass look like crystal and diamonds.  I went out to quickly get a taco and I hurried from the car,  into  the house to get my camera, but just as fast as I could run in and out, the sun was gone and so was my beautiful photo of the icy jewels.
Anyway, just cold here now, more artic air and Siberia, maybe it will get tired of cold and straighten out.
Have a great week everyone.


  1. I hate ice! We always feel like we have had a good winter if we haven't had an ice storm.

    Glad yours wasn't too long power outage.

    Take it easy.

    Tip, I use kitty litter so the salt won't run off into plantings by the patio.

  2. Good idea about the kitty litter. Be sure to use "nonclumping" -- I also keep a small bag of it in the trunk of my car in case of getting stuck on ice -- works for that too.

    They also make these little ice gripper crampon thingies you clip on the bottoms of your shoes -- they're relatively inexpensive -- much less expensive than a broken bone!

  3. Remind me of this in the summer when I'm moaning about the Florida heat will you?