Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Drum Roll, Please....................

Good Evening Everyone,

Well here it is,  the very slapped together north side garden.  More like a ghetto garden if you ask me, but its all I can do, and I will tell you, I'm pooped!  I will have to use spell check tonight before posting as I am very brain dead and tired, I do not want you all to think that I did not go to school.

D and I moved vehicles around, and brought the big dually in the pen, and moved D's POS, (piece of shit), the Trans Am project car under the car port for the summer for D to work on.
I mowed, raked, moved dirt around, moved pots around until I am so sore and stiff, it isn't funny. But it done, its still pretty rough looking, but I think that as things grow, it will fill in on the fence and look better.  I am thinking of going to the city lot to pick up free tree trimming mulch that you can get, to spread around the dirt paths.  I think that will be on next week's agenda, as I am exhausted.  I have onions, walking onions. and garlic, and shallots.  I have some seedlings started, I hope that they will sprout, as we had so much cool weather, that I'm not sure if they will or not.

We finally have had beautiful weather, in the 70's and 80's/  And its drying out, slowly.  We had some stormy weather rolled just east of us yesterday, and all we got was a lot of 50-60 mph wind. 

I will have D here for the summer as he has a lot of doctor's appointments for his spine and some scheduled epidurals so I am also trying to get his room ready. Works out pretty good, he has his room, I have my room and its nice as they are opposite on each end of the trailer, so we stay out of each others way,  have privacy and each a bathroom,  but yet, we get things done outside as we can do it, as we both are pretty crippled up with some health issues, but we get it done.  I also can use the extra money for room and board, and its helps.

I think for now I will quit this post and get in the shower and sit down..  I am so very tired, and exhausted, for all of the outside work.  I still not done.  I got to tackle the front porch, and the carport shed yet, so I will start that tomorrow sometime, or D may tackle that, we'll see how we feel and just do what we can do.

I thought that you would like to see the "ghetto garden" as its shaping up.  I miss my south side, but that's ok.  I have some ideas for that next year.  All is quiet on the south, the man that was living there, was arrested for child abuse, and its been a month now and its quiet and no cops driving around and no screaming,  I feel good about that.  I just hope that it stays that way.  The whole lot from what I was told by the house neighbors, got into trouble, along with the owner for junk laying around, and for not mowing lawns or the lot in general  or keeping wild trees trimmed up or cut down,  that grow around the lot. I did not receive anything in the mail nor did I get a call from said owner or any city office.  I try to keep my place mowed, trimmed and picked up anyway so, I guess I will be on the poo-poo list with the owner, as he probably thinks that it was me that turned things in, which I didn't, but what can I say, got to blame someone!

Anyway, my dear friends, I think that I will bid all of you a good evening, and I will take my leave.  I will try to post more photos that I took of the front and the patio area.
I wish everyone a wonderful week and much gardening.


  1. Hey, your garden's looking good. I think it's neat you have the buckets...that way when and if the south-end neighbors leave you can move the buckets back to the south! Smart thinking!

  2. I think the Ghetto garden looks great!
    The blue color ties it all together.
    Just wait until everything is up and growing and it will be fabulous. I think it will be easy to care for too which is a real plus.

    Having D there this summer may prove to be a great blessing. Help is a wonderful thing!

  3. Our cool and rainy spring suddenly became HOT AND HUMID almost overnight. I'm finding that much as I want to garden I can't do long hours in the hot sun--the effects of aging, no doubt about it.
    I like your motto that we do what we can with whatever we have! Your line-up of container plantings is looking good.

  4. You're more energetic than I am. I think your garden is shaping up nicely. Glad you have D to help you. Being outside in the fresh air will do you good. Just don't overdo either of you. You are so ingenious with how you stretch your pennies and still have a productive garden. Who cares what it looks like? The key thing is that it is a productive garden.

  5. Gosh, you've got lots in a small space and it shows how much you care about your little plot. I''m glad you have some company and extra money for a while. I'm also very glad to hear that the bad lot next door has gone. I hope your next neighbours are an improvement.

    Don't overdo things.