Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July Everyone

I just wanted to stop and wish everyone in the US a wonderful 4th of July holiday.   I am sorry that I haven't posted for a while but I have been really tied up with elder care, doctor appointment for D and myself and the garden and home details which never quit.
I will post sometime this week, with photos of the garden progress.
I also wanted to say that I too, and having major problems with Blogger in posting comments on other reader's blogs.  I have been unable to get it worked out nor have I been able to get a hold of anyone at Blogger.  So if you have not see me, it is because of this glitch that Blogger is having.  It burns me up totally as I have wanted to comment and I have been unable to.
If I want to comment, I will email.
Have a wonderful day.


  1. Hello! and happy Fourth to you too.

    I just eliminated the word verification thing on my blog. Maybe that will help.

    I am looking forward to updated pictures.

  2. When you sign in to Blogger unmark the box that says keep me signed in. That's what worked for took me forever to figure out.

  3. Denim ~ How nice to see you in here. I was thinking of emailing you and still will. A lot of people are having blogger issues, and some are even leaving and going elsewhere.

    Hope you are having a nice day. We just finished our indoor bbq lunch. I made potato salad, hamburgers served on freshly made garlic/onion bread, a doctored up a can of black beans by adding onion, garlic, and chipotle honey bbq sauce. We had a slice of spicy dill pickle and iced tea. Now I'm stuffed and feeling like a nap.

    I love your header picture and seeing the pictures of all of the veggies you are growing. That is GREAT!

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. Blogger is surely being a pain. I can comment by unchecking the stay signed in box--but often the letters I type in are slow to appear or the comment box "freezes up." It would be nice if "they" fixed it!