Monday, August 8, 2011

stormy weather and canning

Good Evening Everyone,

I hope that all of you are doing well.  Its the beginning of the week and hopefully a productive and safe week for all of you.

I am sorry for the delays in posting but I have been canning, and freezing some produce.  With great anticipation, we finally got our corn people in from a community about 80 miles east of us.  They produce some of the best corn around, and what I like about their corn is:  ITS AWESOME. and not too many WORMS!  I have been freezing this corn, I blanch first, then I use my vacuum sealer and bag it.  I wanted to can some, but personally, I am starting to get POOPED.  I have been doing tomatoes, and cucumbers, and freezing some peppers, and canning a  few, but I am starting the old, "I tired of the garden routine",  which I shouldn't be like that, I enjoy the produce and the harvest, but damn, my back is sure screaming, especially this year.  So I have just been doing small batches, getting things together, and then I get another batch, and get it canned.  I won't be able to get it all, and if I have leftovers, or the neighbors have leftovers, I will donate this to the food pantries and the homeless shelter. I would like to do some sweet pepper spread, and a few things that I have never tried before, and then I think that I will slow down.

We had a nasty storm yesterday evening, and it rolled through and made a lot of noise, and of course, it had some hail in it, but it was small hail, and not a bad wind behind it to drive the hail through the garden.  We had another a few hours ago tonight,  a tiny one, it made a lot a noise also, but it blew just south of us and is being naughty down the way.  During the night, we had a nasty cloud go over, the clouds were very ominous looking, and the lightning was terrible, but no thunder, just a few piddles of rain drops.  We had a storm last week and we got about 3/4 inch of rain, but that was about it.

Well, other than that, that is just about it in a nutshell.  I will post photos of canned stuff and corn.  Right now, I am totally pooped and am seriously thinking of bed and read a little and then ZZZZZZZZZ.

Good Night Everyone


  1. I canned, froze and dehydrated corn all weekend and I'm exhausted, and I are two peas in a pod! The season is just beginning and I'm ready to throw in the towel!!

  2. It is exhausting trying to keep up with things this time of year.

    I didn't get corn due to the raccoon and didn't even check with our farmer's markets. I should have.

    The skies look ominous. I wish you had more rain out of it. We have had similar weather for a couple of days.

    Bed and reading is how I end each day.......sometimes pretty early!

  3. I have never canned anything, and can only imagine how exhausted you must be. It is hard, hot work than continues until you are done.

    Glad those nasty looking storms did not cause any damage to your gardens.

    Take it easy with your back.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. Great job on all your canning! I am jealous! I don't think I will be canning this year. Too worn out from the health issues (now heart problems).

    I am freezing what I can though. Trying to stock up from the stores as much as possible. This is not the best but it is better than not having food at all.

    I have a small greenhouse that I would like to grow some things in containers for the winter. I would love it if you could suggest some things for me to grow - if you get a few minutes to think about it. I really value all your knowledge.

    Love and hugs :)

  5. wow, good skies out at sea! we've had fantastic stormy skies here too. Interested to see your canning pics when they are up!

    Leanne x

  6. I used to work my day job, then come home and can whatever needed done until the wee hours. Then the 12 years in WY with no garden. I'm finding it takes much more stamina to 'put up' food than it used to--my aging feet protest when I trudge between sink and stove to can 11 qts of tomatoes--but they will be good come winter!