Friday, February 17, 2012


Good Morning Everyone,

Everything is somewhat quiet here.  As far as I can go and have been getting information on, the fiasco with the doctor's office and my parents has been cleared up at the expense of the doctor's billing department.  Seems billing did not submit something to my parents Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance plan from several years ago, and all because of this, it led to a almost tragic ending.  My parents are on Medicare.  They also carry and have carried a huge multi  million dollar catastrophic health and hospital plan that they have had for years.  This plan they pay out of their Social Security and have done so for many years. It pretty much takes care of almost all of the medical bills.  This is something that they did so they would not put burdens on me if something happened.  But something almost did happen, when my mother's blood pressure was 194/80, and was at stroke level,  and a small bill made the decision to not fill prescriptions, which, as my attorney told me would of led to a law suit on the doctor's part and a mistake on his billing department.  My attorney also told me, Nebraska has laws in place for elderly about having medicines and prescriptions being withheld, another no-no. So needless to say, it is sad that when your life is handled by someone who did not submit bills right,  that it changes many things. The billing supervisor was fired, which is sad, but I am hoping that this maybe will bring changes so it does not happen to someone else's loved one. Needless to say, my mother is showing signs of damage from no meds and this is something now that the attorney is looking into, and now leaves me in more position to handle my parents affairs more than ever now, which I did not want to do until absolutely necessary, but now it looks that I will be handling all manners of bills, paperwork and medicals issues,   I do it  with absolutely no hesitation, but because of this fiasco, it has changed my mother and the way I look at people, and everyday issues that others do. This has now put me in a total no trust position with others, and on top of the issues with D's work comp attorney, compromising medical issues with his disability, and more worried about how much he (the attorney) would  be getting in money  to have the fancy lifestyle he wants instead of worrying about D's disability and future medical issues down the road has really changed me I fear for the worst.  I was cautious before, now I am a total no trust person, period.

The only thing that I am doing is just taking each day as it comes now.  That is all I can do.  I also have health issues, but my attorney who I have had for years, is the only one I DO trust, and he has been a great help to me in getting things lined up and simplified so I can handle things even when I am not doing so good.  My attorney has even contacted the idiot owner of the park, where I live, who was starting up problems again, just to start something, and told him  to totally cease and desist as I have enough on my plate to handle without having their juvenile behaviors being inserted into something that they have no grounds to have issues with me anyway.  So its been quiet and I just handle my day as it comes.

I am working on a post for my herb blog and should have that up sometime on the weekend.  I am still reading the article on the new restrictions that are planning on being implemented for poultry, as it is a large article, and has many facets to it. When I post about it, I want to be sure what and how it reads, as from what I am reading, will try to stop people from having backyard flocks, or it could be used to stop backyard flocks.  If anyone who reads this blog, knows anything about this, email me and let me know.  This is just starting to come out and I am not sure how many people know about it.

Well, I need to disappear for a while, I have to pick up a few legal papers and do some running.  I do  want to take the time to say I am sorry that I have vented here.  And if I have lost readership, then I guess, so be it.  But what happened to me can happen to others by sheer mistakes that can cost someone a life or a serious change in someones life, which to me is unacceptable.  I know mistakes are made, but some are costly when a life is in the middle of it. Again, I am sorry I have vented and ranted.

I wish everyone a wonderful, peaceful weekend.  I will post later.


  1. A few years back, when there was a bird-flu scare, I saw posters here in France demanding that all poultry keepers who had more than a dozen birds should register with the local Mayor.

    I have only 3 birds, so no handcuffs yet!

  2. Oh dear Vicki ~ the incompetence of others can and does cause so much grief and heartache. Plus like you, causes us to distrust almost everyone.

    Love and hugs to you,