Saturday, March 3, 2012

March/April 2012 Countryside magazine posted.

Good Morning Everyone,

I first want to say that I hope and pray that everyone who reads here, or visits and lives east of me, I hope that you are ok from the storms that have passed through. Tornadoes are a force that cannot be reasoned with or avoided, they are just here.  We deal with them here and I will say, I have been through some that have made me quite paranoid, to say the least.  I do hope that everyone is ok.

A few posts back, I talked about the article from the Countryside Magazine, about chicken crimes.  Well, the March/April 2012  magazine is posted on the website to read.  So if you want, please go to: and scroll down to Chicken Crimes listed and read.  There are lots of other articles to read also.

On the home front here.  My mesclun lettuces are up, and a few head lettuces.  Out at Mernards ( a type of home depot for us), had seeds on sale, so I went out to get another cheap seed starting kit with a heat mat to start my tomatoes and peppers, my heat lovers, and get them going.  It is supposed to warm up Monday and Tuesday, and I can move the pots from their icy spots and  plan on moving a few pots around to the south side and cover them with plastic and get them ready.  When I was in the check-out, quite a few people were questioning my purchases as to why I am doing this seed starting work and the old "its too early" my dear to be gardening.  Being in tune with people's attitudes and just a general presence of people in general, I find that people are borderline demented, these people, were not nice in the approach of gardening, it was a sense of why you garden is just plain stupid, period.  And if you garden, you are one of those "preppers", arent' you, which one person asked me directly.   I figured since NatGeo started that series, there would be some issues, even here.  I just calmly mentioned, I garden because I like to, and it is calming to me, and left it at that.  After a few minutes in the line, the conversation was still uneasy, and very ill tempered about how stupid it is to garden, and a waste of time in these people's eyes, just on the simple fact I was buying a few seeds and a seed starting mat.  When I got home, I was still reeling about the people at the store, and somehow that little trip was an eye opener as to people's attitudes of the going's on in our community and the country in general.  People are angry, which they should be, but the anger is being directed to the wrong people, to innocent people who just like to do things and then someone comes along and makes a political statement out of it as to why I am doing something, and tries to get a fight out of you for doing it, or make you a criminal for what you do it for.

My trees are showing more budding out.  I go out to tell them they had better keep their "pants" on, as its too early yet to show the world what you have.  I am afraid, when we get those couple of days next week in the 60's and 70's, they will really try to pop out and then get frozen in a last of the season blizzard, which we usually get. But there is not much I can do about it except just let nature do its thing, Mother Nature knows her children well.

My sourdough batter is happy, and if I can get to it, I am going to try to make pancakes Sunday.  I'm not going to get to it this morning.  This batter seemed to work pretty good, not sure why, so I guess I am doing something right.
Well, I had better get off my duff and get to work.  I have so much to do around the house, I just don't know even where to start, so I will just tackle the kitchen and work my way out.

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend, and peaceful weather hopefully to all.
I found that I was able to post the article from Countryside Magazine to my blog. So it is available to read. 
I also found an article about sourdough from Countryside, so enjoy reading.  I am currently stonewalled as to what to write about. Not much going on except the bills..... So enjoy the articles.


  1. Dear Denim ~ I keep thinking about and praying for all the victims of those tornadoes. I would NOT want to go through one. Hurricanes are bad enough.

    I can't get over how rude and mean some people can be. They must not have much of a life, to be always minding other people's business.

    I'm glad you've got some lettuces coming up, glad your sourdough batter is happy too. I hope to make overnight buttermilk pancake batter tonight, so that we can have pancakes and bacon for Sunday breakfast tomorrow.

    We've got wind gusts today up to 42 mph as a little cooler weather pushes down on us. It's in the mid 80's, but will only get up to mid 70 tomorrow and the low tomorrow night is expected to be around 50. We'll see. We really could use some rain.

    What do you use for a seed starting mix?

    I planted up quite a few seeds in a potting soil mix, and very few seeds have come up. Of course, some are old, but sheesh.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. FL,
    I just use a seed mix from the dollar store. That's about all I can afford now. I dampen my mix with warm water in a ice cream pail, and some seeds I soak in warm water overnight. You may have old seeds. I had a few that did not come up either.
    I am soaking tomatoes, and some peppers overnight and plant tomorrow. A wonderful blog is the rock whisperer and Glenda's blog, Living and gardening in the Ozarks, they are old hands at starting seeds also. Check my blog roll to find them.
    Have a wonderful weekend, FL.

  3. I see I have a lot of reading here to catch up on, but I shall have to be a Good Girl and do my work first, so I can take my leisure later! Nice to have something to look forward to though.

    I'm glad you haven't had those tornadoes in your neck of the woods, but what a worry - bad enough when you are in a house, but in a trailer - not a lot between you and the hereafter.

    I cannot understand why people should tear at you because you want to grow things. What business is it of theirs? They are so obviously not gardeners or they would be happier and more relaxed about life. Yeesh.

    I hope it's not too long before you are eating the first of the season's green stuff.

  4. I am so grateful to the gardeners that show up at our Farmer's Market to help us source healthy local food.

    And homegrown in the backyard is about as local as you can get. I can't make sense of people being against gardening. I feel like the more gardeners in my area, the stronger we all are. How very strange. Well, they just don't know what they're missing out on.

    I had lost track of your blog for a while - possibly a corrupted link. Was glad to catch your comment on D-T-E and find you again. Take care.

    brenda from ar