Saturday, May 5, 2012

May/June 2012 Countryside Magazine is up and a new guest post

Good Afternoon Everyone,
I am sorry that I am a little late in posting.  I have been just swamped in house/garden/happenings, yada, yada, yada stuff.  I have been either in the house cleaning or out in the garden and I totally forgot about time until I came in for a little lunch and I looked at the clock, Yikes!
Please enjoy the new issue of Countryside magazine. and read the guest post I put up.
I will try to get to what has been going on here next week.
Everyone, please have a safe, wonderful, peaceful weekend.
Hugs to all

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  1. You sound busy there in your part of the country. We've been working on our rain barrel set up, plus a French drain made from a PVC pipe, for super overflow of rain water. We have several galvanized tanks that DH wants to hook up to the rain barrel too, and we want to rig up a drip irrigation system using the rain water. Trying to get stuff done before it gets to dang hot and humid. We've also got some fence repair to do too.

    Have a great weekend yourself.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady