Thursday, June 28, 2012

I have been busy

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I hope that everyone is doing well and surviving the heat.  The heat is on here.  It has been in the 100's here. A few days ago, it hit 107*F, and was very humid for us here.  Its going to be this kind of year I quess.

I apoligise for not getting to my discussion post going, but I have had a life interuption and I will explain later.  I received three very tiny, malnourished kittens late Sunday afternoon.  Unfortunatly, I lost two, with the second passing just  an hour or so ago.  I just could not save them, no matter what I have in my arsenal of meds and skill...but I am happy to say, this little female is pulling and screaming her way back from Mr. Dead's grip.  She is just a little over two weeks old, and is so far, showing me she will survive, which I am happy about, I am very,very  sad about losing her two brothers, though.

I will post later this week, as I have had several things happen, and I just have been exhausted feeding these little ones and up most of this week trying to save them.

I will keep you posted and I will get to the discussion as it pertains to the Supreme court hearing and what has been going on in the country.

Until then, a wonderful end of the week to all and I will see everyone later.



  1. I hope you can save the little lass, and I am sure she will reward you amply for doing so. I take my hat off to you, doing so much on so little sleep when you get these desperately sick kittens in. Well done.

  2. I know you have a money budget but I can attest to how important that physical energy budget can be when you are disabled.
    Take care

  3. A sad tale, but well done for saving that one. Hot here too, but luckily not too humid. Storms now forecast. Have a good weekend, Cro.

  4. My own dear Stormie is the only survivor of an abandoned litter, hand reared by another wonderful shelter mommie like you. Sounds like your little grey lady is a fighter. Do you know about this?

  5. Very emotionally intensive trying to save such little babies, as well as exhausting, and sad when they don't respond well. But--what can we do???

  6. oh denim, well done you for even trying, if fab that one has survived so far!! Sending love to you both! more pics please!!

    Leanne x