Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Beginning of October

Good Evening Everyone,

I have started this post this evening, October 1st.  October is my favorite month, it is getting very cool, almost cold during the evenings, and in the mornings.  It is also my birthday month, on the 13th.  So I am a Fall baby and I love Fall, the wind blowing  leaves, the smells of wet leaves, and just a general winding down of the seasons, and a time to start nesting and getting things ready for work inside, and hobbies and crafts.

First, I went to my follow-up doctor's appointment early this morning.  My doctor was pleased with everything.  I do have fibroid, and they are in the lining of my female parts.  So the game plan is to have another ultra-sound in January, and if any have changed in size, or I have anything act up, its off to surgery and all of the plumbing will be removed, which is what I wanted in the first place.  My biopsy came back normal, and clean, so I am very pleased with that report.  As much stress I have had lately, I did not need any more stress about health matters.. I am very  relieved.

On the trailer park matters,  boy what a mess.  On my end, the Assessor's office found out that I have no title to the trailer, and the VIN numbers are non- existent, nothing, at all.  And to also make matters worse,  all of the trailers that are supposedly owned by Mr. Idiot have no titles or VIN numbers  either.  If he thinks that he can sell this mess to someone for over 1 million, and no titles, I have a bridge I can sell him.
I have an appointment with a real estate attorney on Wednesday afternoon, he wants to take a look at everything and see if he can clear up some things and maybe get to the bottom of this and or advise what the next step would be.  I am trying not to let this upset me. It is serious and it may or may not open the door that I may lose my home.  The attorney is not sure if the trailers were possible stolen, or bought by ill gotten means, but this will be looked into.(Update:  I went to the attorney on Wednesday afternoon, after listening to his council and him asking my situations, he advised me to "let sleeping dogs lie", which was his words.  He did contact the idiot owner, and idiot told him he does have a title to my trailer, but it has not been changed over to idiot's name nor has anything else been done. The Assessor's office to me that if I get this paid off,  the process of clearing off things and getting a fresh new title can be done, but its a long process.  See, something I did not know is, that modular and trailer titles for the State of Nebraska, go through the DMV, Dept of Motor Vehicles, so they are handled like a car title.   So I have just been told to sit tight and see what comes up with this new man who is looking at the park.   (Update 10-5).  I am not sure about this proposal, but the man who was looking at this park may, and I say may with a little hesitating, buy my paper from the owner. Now this is something that I was not prepared for nor do I know if he even will. I was approached by the manager of the large trailer park in town that this new  man purchased about a year ago. It is the largest we have, but it was a typical trailer park trash place. with all of the problems that are had here.  The new owner has gone in, cleaned and removed all the derelict trailers and cleaned out the problem people. The manager is a former classmate of mine, and she was called back by the new owner to take over this large park.  She is the one who contacted me about this proposition.  I have not hear anything yet, but if so, the new owner would move my trailer to a lot of my choice and move it for nothing.  It is a very fair deal as he would be holding my note contract from the idiot owner of mine and I can garden and have my dog, and a fenced yard with a privacy fence put up. The lots at this new park are larger, averaging about 50 ft x 100 ft. My trailer is 16 x 76 and would fit nicely on to these lots.   I would be free of the idiot and his mouthpiece and all of the problems.  My only concern is my outside cats which I would have to move with me, as I have cared for them since I have moved here. I cannot leave them.  I will keep you posted about this arrangement.

We are still in exceptional drought here where I am in the state.  We have had no rain at all.  The trees are now showing their stress through their leaves.  They are starting to turn to Fall colors, but they are very brown, curled, and very sad and just plain stressed out.  A lot of the trees have gone into dormancy clear back in June.  We are almost 12 inches below normal in our area.  It is truly in drought mode now.  On our weather, it shows rain, but I am not holding my breath for that one. 
It is starting to get into the low 30's for night time temps.  I look for 20's by the middle of October.  But after all of the heat we have had,  I am glad for the cooler air.  It is wonderful.  Now some rain, and it would be really wonderful.
I remember about 3 years ago, we had 3 blizzards in the month of October.  We had over 3 feet for that October. What I would not give for that. (Update, 10-6)  It is snowing this morning.  Not much, but it is sticking.  It starting a rain/snow mix yesterday morning about 10:30 am, and it got down right chilly.  It got down into the 20's last night, and we are in a hard freeze for tonight, for around 18*F for tonight and tomorrow.  The garden is done.  I just had a couple of patio tomatoes, and some peppers, so we picked everything.  The neighbor gave me what was left of her tomatoes, a lot of green ones, and I will go thorough them and freeze what I can, and chuck the rest.  I have just about run out of room.

On Friday night, we had one of the trailer park renters come home, who was totally stoned and drunk and pulled his beautiful pretty new pickup truck in the back lot and floored it in the dirt back behind me and spun the back tires until he took the tread clear down to the metal radial bands in the tire. The tires got so hot that the fenders were red hot in color, and melted some of the plastic around the tire well.   The house neighbors called the police, and the fire department as they thought there was a fire here in the park.  The house neighbors and us were inside the houses, we were all watching TV, and all of the sudden, I could hear a car engine winding up and being wrapped up to the point of blowing the engine, which is what this guy almost did.  The smoke from the tires was so bad, you could not see around here.  And the smell of burning rubber was obnoxious and I had it in the house and could not get rid of the smell until Sunday afternoon.  This guy pelted my trailer with pretty big rocks from the dirt lot, and some went through the skirting, which I will tell you, really pissed me off.  And as usual, the cops did nothing, but told the guy to go in and sleep it off. 
We confronted them about everything, and I told them I want the skirting replaced.  The panels are $50 a piece and I have 3 panels with holes in them.  I called my home insurance, but they are not sure if it can be handled.  I call it vandalism, but they do not consider it vandalism.  Ah, the joys of drunks and trailer parks. The only thing I can tell you is he blew out the transmission on this beautiful truck, so for his little romp, he just blew out a $6000 transmission.  It is 4 wheel drive. So that is my karma for him.  I would love to have a truck like this, and I find it so very juvenile that he treated this vehicle like a demolition derby truck, which is what it is now. Update) IF I move, this is one thing I will NOT miss.

Morning of 10-6
Well, I am filling in with what has been going on.  I was also supposed to go this afternoon, to a house on the east end of our community, and get black walnuts.  I am after the nut meats and some oil, if I can get some.  Black Walnuts are a pain in the a**. But they are good in baked goods and the oil is divine.  But since its snowing, I am not sure if I will get there today or tomorrow.  If it does not clear up by 1 pm  this afternoon, I will call this man and tell him it will have to be Sunday.

Not too much going on other than what I have listed.  I had market shock from going to the market Thursday morning, I was gone most of the day shopping.  I make my stops as each store has different things that I use, which I hate to do as its hard on the gas in the car, but I got it done.  I was totally wore out after getting home late in the afternoon.  I picked up my general staples, since I cook from scratch, but even these are getting horrid in price, so I am just careful and make every penny count.

Friday evening, my one house neighbor had her birthday, we were invited over for a small patio party, as she got one of those patio fire pits.  It was a beautiful pit made out of hammered metal which looked like copper, and so she fired it up.   I will tell you it was cold, the wind all of the sudden picked up and there was nine of us freezing.  The pit was warm but the wind did not help to keep warm.  It is amazing, its been blasted hot, and then all of the sudden, its now cold and a north wind blowing, and of all days, it was cold on her birthday.  We stayed till about 10 pm, and D and I pooped out.  It was fun though, and everyone ate chili which she fixed, and had cake and some roasted hot dogs in the pit, and some had beer, and it was enjoyable.  I made  a cheesecake, but I did not have any raspberries at all, but I had raspberry syrup, so I poured a small amount on the cheesecake and set it in the freezer for a few hours.  Everyone said it was delicious.  I did not try a piece. It was for her.  I"ll  make another though.

Well, that is about it.  I have tons of house work to do.  It seemed everything I started to do something, some thing else rose its head and that had to be attended to.  I have canning still to do, washing, outside work, and just tons of other stuff.  I am going to start in the kitchen, which is my work place, and get that cleaned up and then work my way to each room that needs attending.  It will take me some time to do, but I will get it done, if nothing else pops it head up, I may wack it off.

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend, and a productive one at that.


  1. Dear Vicki ~ How great to read your post. You sound upbeat and that's a good thing.

    Glad you got good news from the dr.

    I sure hope everything works out so that you can move to the new park that has been refurbished. It sounds like a good place for you.

    I checked your weather this morning and it was COLD. It is still in the 80's here and feels like it's in the 90's. No cool weather expected anytime soon. :-(

    I'll email you later.

    Have a GREAT weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. A lot going on there--and some you could do without. I surely hope that you can move to the better trailer park--cats and all. There are such low-lifes in this world--and it is a shame that as we deal with lowered incomes some of our standards have to be insulted.
    Fingers crossed that the deal with your trailer house works out well.

  3. What a life you lead! I do hope you get to move to the other park, it sounds like it would be much more your style.

    What an idiot that pickup driver is. I have an idiot neighbour too, but at least he doesn't get dead-drunk. Why didn't the cops nab him for DUI?

    Autumn is settling in here. The chestnuts are dropping, and the weather is all over the place; stinking hot one day, and cool the next. Enjoy what's left of the weekend. Cro x

  4. Mr. M,
    Why they did not bust him for DUI is the fact he was on private property. The park in private land. Now if they caught him driving on the street which is public, yes he would of been busted. The other reason was the cops that stopped knew this dork and they pushed it under the rug, which is what this town is known for. Some time, I will post about the history of my community and the history of back door deals and the corruption that went on here.
    His wife told me he was drinking EverClear which is over 100 proof booze. I use it for my herbal tinctures and I can't stand the smell. This guy was totally pickled. Now, if I did this, I would of been in jail.
    Anyway, the truck is is bad shape, the transmission is shot, it grinds and doesn't shift,(gee, I wonder why!). It was a beautiful dark blue Chevrolet Silverado 4x4. The tires on it are over $250 US a piece and all are in bad shape as he had it in 4x4 mode.
    Ah, the joys of being and idiot.

  5. Vicki, the new park sounds really good. I hope you can work that out. The larger lot would be a real plus for you.

    I am so relieved that the tests were negative.

    We were supposed to get a few flurries but didn't. I have predicted all along that we would have an early fall and cold winter.

    When the present administration says the economy is better; I always say "where?" Certainly not in our neck of the woods. A few of them should actually shop for their own food once in a while.

    Have a good Sunday.

  6. OMG, totally in agreement with everyone else! If your outside cats will not come to you, you'll have to trap them in order to move them. But if you feed them well right after you get them moved, and maybe let them see you several times, they might stay. Cats get attached to people, I can attest to that. When we moved over here, I ended up having to bring a cat that adopted me. She stayed around my house even after we were gone and kept looking skinnier and skinnier and always so glad to see me when we'd return to clean and to fix things in preparation for selling. She belonged to Neighbor From Hell but they were not good to her. So I put a towel on my lap, enticed her up to my lap, hurriedly wrapped the towel around her and stuffed her, towel and all, in the cat carrier. She sang all the way to the new house but she made the transition and is now my constant companion, well upholstered and happy.

  7. Hi Vicki

    Just caught up on all your news and glad that on the health front it is positive, although you have surgery to "look forward to".

    I cannot believe the idiot who blew his car engine up and shredded the tyres because he was blitzed to hell and back. Why isn't his liver in meltdown too? Bet mine would be! Horrid for you to suffer on his account and I hope you can get your caravan repaired and paid for.

    ALL my fingers are crossed that you can get onto the other tidy caravan site. I will put some positive thought into this happening when I am sat down quietly (have ANOTHER chest infection, started last night - so I couldn't have my hospital breathing tests today - talk about bad timing. . .)

    Whenever I am out walking I think of you and try and send a little bit of what I am feeling to you, as I know you would give your eye teeth to be able to do the same.

    Oh - and now Theo-kitten LOVES to be stroked and cuddled : )

  8. Hi vicki
    brilliant news about your health etc, you must be so relieved. I was relieved reading it!

    a long but upbeat post, despite the morons around you! I really hope that the changes at the park come about, and you can have your van moved. i shall add an extra positive little prayer for you to mine when i send them 'out there' its about time the universe listened to some of us! None of us have greedy dreams or wishes, afterall!

    take care, keep safe.

    Leanne x

  9. Love what you are doing with the blog man!