Monday, November 12, 2012

A very late Veterans Day Salute

This is a very late tribute to Veterans Day.  So I am posting this morning to give my salute to all vets, past, present, and future. I salute you.
I was going to post yesterday, but I was having really bad issues with our Internet service here.  It was on and off, and then I had technical issues that involved my being on the phone for about and hour and a half with my service provider trying to get my account and email issues figured out and fixed.  You would think that these companies who provide service would know something about their technical issues, but unfortunately, I had to go through three people before the fourth was able to finally fix my problem.  We were not sure if someone hacked into the account, and probably never know, but its fixed. But for how long, I am not sure.
So, anyway, I just thought I would pop in and give my salute to all vets.
Have a wonderful week

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  1. I think we'll all look back in a few years and laugh about how primitive and inefficient our Internet services used to be!

    I agree about our ex-service personnel.