Sunday, December 9, 2012

Very Chilly Sunday Morning

Good Morning Everyone,

Well, its turned  winter here today.  This morning at the time I am writing now, its 10*F with a windchill of -8*F.  Burrrrrrr.  And a shock to you when its been spring-like and warm, almost too warm.  The wind blew very hard last night, bounced stuff around, and made noise, made the animals nervous and jumpy.  The furnace pilot light went  out, I have a draft somewhere underneath the trailer and when the wind blows hard, and from the northwest, it goes out and gets chilly.  So I waited till a little while ago and re-lit the pilot and its staying lit for now.  If not, I can start the oven and it really heats up the house quickly and then I run the ceiling fans and circulate the air and its warm in about 15 minutes.

First, I want everyone to please keep Flower Lady's in their thoughts and prayers, her husband is in the hospital and needs thoughts and meditation for healing. Her blog is on my list. Please keep her and DH in thoughts today.

Not too much going on here at all.  Very quiet, which surprises me to no end.  Usually, its party-party and trouble, but I think that no one has any money to party-party and no money for gas to do so, so its very quiet, which is fine by me.  During this week, I house sat for one of my house neighbors, when they left to go to Denver Colorado to shop for Christmas for their family.  I don't mind at all, and I feel good that I can do this and be trusted. Makes me feel good.  It has taken 5 years out of the 8 years,  before anyone trusted me since I lived here, because of the housing environment that exists here, which is no trust and don't care.  I pride myself to be able to be trusted with some one's home and mail and in particular, this neighbor's rentals and tenants rent payments and emergency phone contact for rental problems.  Nothing happened, and all is ok with the world till the next time.

I am still in full gear cleaning and prepping for  painting and clearing out stuff.  Its needed anyway, its just that something is driving me now and I want to get it done, just in case the cards fall and the prayers are answered for moving.  I have been looking, but nothing is popping its head up at the moment, but I will just be vigilant and when it shows, it will manifests itself to me and is meant to be. That is all I ask for, oh, yes, and some patience, which I don't have too much of.

My camera is not behaving too good, but I will try to take some photos of my crocked fruit I have going.  I am making cherry brandy, and some mixed fruit compote, and some plum brandy. It is happily bubbling on the counter.    I have placed some cinnamon sticks in the jars to add some spice and am going to let it sit another week and a half, then I will strain and bottle for Christmas gifts for some of my house neighbors.  I am also making a black forest cake for the house neighbor that I sit for,  for her Christmas table, along with some of the crocked cherries that are happily swimming in vodka.  Should be good. I only hope.

Other than that, that is all that is going on.   I wish everyone a very peaceful rest of the weekend, and stay warm.
Hugs to All


  1. Dear Denim ~ Boy your temps are frigid. It is very warm down here, with a breeze and cloudy skies.

    It sounds like you are busy with several projects and they sound so homey.

    Glad things have been quiet there at your homestead.

    Thank you for your prayers and for asking others to pray for us. As you know DH is now awaiting me on the Rainbow bridge. I can hardly wait to see him again, but I must be patient and trust in God to take care of me from now on. I miss DH terribly.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Cold weather is a pain. It costs us all a fortune to cope with, and causes nothing but inconvenience. Roll on spring.

    Very sorry to hear about Flower Lady.