Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Going's on

Good Morning Everyone,

I am sorry that I have not posted for awhile.  I have had a lot going on, of life getting in the road again.  We got notified that D has a mediation hearing in Council Bluffs Iowa on Valentine's Day.  What a day to have a work comp mediation on.  I am truly hoping that this will settle and end the four years of stress.
I may be down from the computer for a little while.  I have to take my computer in today to the repairman to check it.  I picked up some adware and maybe something else and so I am going to get it cleaned out and checked out.  So I may be AWOL for a bit.
Other than that, I will take my leave for a little bit.  I will try to use D's laptop to log on.  I know that the last time I did that, it didn't work too well.  Some places I go, like the bank, does not recognize the browser and it shuts down everything. So I will see.  I will try to at least check all of you, and keep posted as to what everyone is doing.
Take care all


  1. J. wanted to pass on the thought that while he hasn't much faith in the fairness of WC he wants to wish you well in the hearing. We had to pay in the WC and Unemploymnet while we had the construction business, knowing full well that if our employees ever needed it they would have a fight on their hands to get it.
    I hope you have good weather for the trip to Council Bluffs--I always think of the mid-west as a beast for weather in the winter!

  2. Good luck in the battle. My father had to fight them for years and we lived on $100 food stamps a month and $20 cash each week... how is that comp for anything...


  3. hope everything goes ok Vicki, take care, see you soon
    Leanne x

  4. I am keeping my fingers crossed the mediation goes well for D.

    Also hope the computer is an easy fix.

    Looking forward to you returning in full swing.