Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A new view in a new home

Good Morning Everyone,

Well....I am currently in my new home, in my sewing/office room, having a cup of tea, looking through the window toward the southwest, out across an open field with the birds and the air filled with song, and to me, even though its just a pasture, its a grand, soul healing sight. One of my cats is on top of my computer desk, watching and waiting for a bird to fly into the window which they are flying a little more erratic around here than at my old  home, because there is more airspace around here, but its wonderful.  The air is filled with birdsong, with many birds I do not get to see in town much, red-winged Blackbirds, and field birds like Meadow Larks, and small birds that I need to dig out my bird book to identify.  Its the bird song I love, and it is truly soul healing to me.

I have more to move from the old place, its small stuff, shelves,  clothing, and lamps, etc,  and then we'll go back and clean, paint, and lay the carpet down.  We can only do so much each day, as I get so tired, between running loads from place to place, check on my parents, have a break or two, and then a few more loads and then quit for the day.  It is getting a little easier, but it will be like this until the end of the month.

I will get some photos, and do more posting as I can.  I just got the computer and phone up Friday, and got everything set up so its working, hopefully. (I won't be too loud when I say that).
I will also have to change my blog's wording too.  Where I am at is not a slum, but paradise.
Have a wonderful week.

Hugs and Love


  1. Sounds soooooooooooo nice. Can't wait to see pictures.

  2. Dearest Denim ~ I am so happy for you. I was wondering about you changing the wording at the top of your blog and glad to see that you have done so.

    HURRAY!!! This is an answer to prayer and I am so thankful for you to have a peaceful place to live, with birdsong to heal and fill your life.

    I am looking forward to photos too.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  3. Vicki,
    What a heart-warming post! Since I know a bit about your area of the world I can create a scene in my mind about the view from your window. Even with much work left to do--you are THERE--where a measure of peaceful living can begin. Take as many breaks with a cup of tea and a gander out the window as ever you need to keep going!

  4. Vicky - HOORAY! I am SO pleased for you. If anyone deserved a break, it has to be you. I look forward to seeing photos when you have time, and just hope that being in a restful place will help give you the energy to deal with your parents.

  5. How wonderful for you to have green space.
    My sewing room is by the backdoor, looking out over a pasture also. The birdsong is healing to the spirit.

  6. Vicky, cant put into words how pleased i am for you, you DERSERSED this change of fortune, and I am really happy for you. looking forward to the photos too!

    Leanne x

  7. I am so happy for you all. I know what a blessing looking at open fields and hearing birdsong (and here mooing cows)is. You deserve it.

    I am waiting for new pictures.

    Yes, you will new to revamp your blog a tad.

    Take it easy with the move. All in good time.

  8. "Through the Eyez of Denimflz" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.