Thursday, August 8, 2013

Good Afternoon Everyone,

No title, just a hit and miss post.
Absolutely nothing to really write about.  I am still washing linens.  I will try real hard to post some photos of some nice linens I have.  It takes time to wash these things, dry and then find a place to place them so they stay clean, and nice. I will also give some a starching, which we can still get around here also besides the bluing.   I have not ironed most of them.  I will save the table linens for last as these will be ironed and put away in the buffet.  I will time this for Fall.  I will have more time to hang and stand and iron, right now, I do not feel like standing at an ironing board.  Call it lazy......

At the moment, between trying to take care of my home, D and I are trying to handle things at my parent's home.  A few weeks ago, we had a bad storm and where they live, they had over 100+ mph winds tear through that part of town.  Me, personally, I think that a small tornado went through from the damage to all of the trees, but what do I know.  Anyway, we have to fix the patio roof, and so we have been looking into cost and or just seeing if we can just do something temporary until next spring.  My mother's old neighbor passed away Monday morning, and my mom is having an emotional upheaval, so I have been trying to calm her down and I guess just let her deal with it.  I can do no more.

We are also selling a car that is in their  garage that is just taking up space.  Its my Grandparents car, an old Catalina, and its going as of Saturday.  Then the garage will have room for my parents car, which at the moment, I am driving.  I will not drive this during the winter, so it will have a space under cover.  I am trying to take care of some things that my dad just would not do, or just didn't care to do.  Before his stroke, he was getting owly and difficult and did not want to do anything, but just wanted to whine.  I now see this as a precursor to his dementia and possible pre-stroke symptoms.  I am learning things almost daily of little things that were coming up.  He is now very mad at me, and is showing his dementia more each day.  He has Sun-downer's syndrome and by afternoon, he is a total pee-head, so I just do not go to see him in the afternoon, at all.  You cannot talk or reason, so I do not go.  I do not need to be upset and I am doing more for myself and making distance for my own sanity.

On the garden front, still no tomatoes. This is the norm all over the area.  At farmer's market Saturday, all I heard from the vendors is that no one has tomatoes, period.  They are very late, from a cold, damp spring, and no being able to get into the gardens. Even vendors who have greenhouses do not have tomatoes yet.
 Everyone that  is  going to the market is upset because of no tomatoes.  You cannot explain anything to stupid people, no matter how you slice it.  I could not believe what I was hearing from people, as the vendors were trying to explain the possible reasons as to late tomatoes, but people were just plain stupid, I have no other word for it.  This shows just how disconnected we are from our food and nature, and that nothing is this world can be taken for granted.

I am starting to look for a small work table for my sewing room.  I just need a small table so I can put my sewing machine on it and have some room for cutting.  My sewing room is also the pantry as I just do not have room for anything in the kitchen.  Yep, here we go, no room in the kitchen.  I do not have pantry space so we just placed my pantry shelves in the office and it works.  I am so hoping that I can get some quilting in this fall and winter.  I have been going to the thrift shops as time permits and look for cotton shirts and men's shirts that can be cut up.  When I go, its my time out away from everyone to take a break, and I do love looking for little bits and pieces of fabric for my stash.  I even found some cotton shirts of D's that I cut up for the pile. They were too small, but they were shirting material, and one was a chambray which is almost impossible to find around here, and they are stashed in my storage containers just waiting to be cut and put into something.  I can hardly wait till it gets cooler.

Well, from looking at the clock, I had better get something done today.  Its humid outside and I have got several chores that just have to be done.  D went to get the lawn tractor blades sharpened and he was going to stop by to see how my dad was, and to give me a break.
I wish everyone a wonderful rest of the week and a wonderful weekend in what ever you plan to do.



  1. Yup, still no ripe tomatoes here either (other than the cherry tomatoes).

    My late father was an unpleasant person, he was also a double amputee. I looked after him by myself for about 3 years, so I can imagine your situation.

    Stay strong. Cro x

  2. Denim,
    Taking care of aging parents is not a pleasant thing at times. My mother-in-law has just been diagnosed with extreme out of control diabetes. At 86 trying to coach her in what to eat and how to take blood sugar readings has indeed been a challenge. I have to keep my focus on the fact that things are never forever. Challenging times do eventually come to an end. In the mean time I just keep plodding along making the best of what I can.

    Tomatoes are just not getting ripe here either. My theory is that the nights are just too cool. Tomatoes need warm humid temperatures at night to ripen. We here in eastern Nebraska have consistently been having temperatures in the lower 60s or upper 50s. That's very uncommon for this time of year.

    Rain is another issue. The moisture has been down by three inches in July and looks to be continuing into August. The lack of moisture doesn't seem to be keeping the weeds or crab grass from growing.

    I hope you situation improves and things get better for you. Have the best day that you can.

  3. Non-gardeners never consider how many things affect gardens.
    It is either too hot; too cold; too dry; too wet (yes, it can be too wet!) and then there is just that strange thing that we can't really identify when certain crops just don't grow like normal......It has been a very strange down here in the Ozarks. Pole beans were a flop, tomatoes just so so. With all the rain, I am wondering how the sweet potatoes will do.

    Glad D gave you a break with your Dad. I can't imagine what you must be going through.

    It takes a long time to get everything the way you want in a new house. You will get there. I am just so happy you are in a house now. Remember the tiny kitchen you had before....we never have enough kitchen space....or storage space.

  4. I hope things have improved a little bit with your parents. I can imagine your mum was finding it hard to come to terms with the sudden loss of her neighbour. Thank heavens you have D to give you a break now and then.

    Our tomatoes are still green, but that's no surprise as it has been cooler here recently. I will pick and ripen them on the window ledge if they aren't ripe enough in a few weeks' time. In the meantime I am paying for last year's complete absence of courgettes with the ore normal glut. I picked 6 this morning, and we are off for a few days down to the West Country, so I think I will be coming back to marrows!