Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dirt, glorious dirt

Hello Everyone,

Well, I got outside today and got my greenhouse plastic up and covered my containers.  It took several days of getting them ready, and laying in compost, and worm castings, and a little leftover chicken compost someone gave me, did not want to waste it.

I planted some of my mesclun, and some left over lettuces and a mixture of butterheads, I hope that they germinate as some of the seeds I had were several years old, but what the hey, if it does, it does, if it doesn't then I will start new.  I will hopefully have my seed order in the end of this year.

This year, I planted some garlic scapes I cut last year.  I totally forgot about them in my garden cupboard under the car port.  I opened up the cabinet and caught the whiff of garlic, and I immediately remembered the scapes I had.  Several years ago, I cut some off and tossed them in my herb bed I had on the south side of the house, and then in the spring, they came  up and gave me wonderful little chive- like greens that were wonderful in mashed potatoes and dips.  So this year, I put them in the end pot on the east side of the trailer and covered all the pots with plastic.  Now, we'll see if they come up.

Other than that, not too much going on. Just busy with my chef clients, and the always going on's of house work. Its never done.
We are supposed to have a "change" in the weather the end of this week. The weather geeks aren't sure what its going to do so I got my old covers and blankets in case it gets cold again.  We are starting into the pattern of when we get bad spring snow storms, which is usually in March, and April, so best to be ready at the helm.

I will keep all posted as to how the container garden does.  Each year is different, and some things do well, while others flop.  I am not a good person when it comes to logging and posting  journal things.  But with my blog, I will try to keep better track of plants and conditions.

I know that what I use for garden containers looks, well like what trailer park trash uses.  But unfortunately, being pretty short on cash to buy fancy pots or buy expensive lumber to make beds, its all I have to use.  I ran an ad on Craig's list to see if I could find someone who was getting rid of old galvanized feed bunks or tanks.  I had someone email me that he had feed bunks that were plastic, and were 16" deep, 30" wide, and 12 ft long, they would be perfect BUT, he wanted $65 a piece and at this time, it is a no can do.  I am coming up on my cancer anniversary and I have blood work and some tests that I have to do yearly and so I can't do it at the moment.  I guess my health is more important so I can blog and make everyone life miserable. lol

Anyway,  I had better go,  I am physically beat, just the little bit I did today, wore me out.  My back is screaming, and I think a warm shower and jammies are in order with some cocoa.

So I wish everyone a wonderful rest of the week, and a great weekend, hopefully getting in some planting and gardening.


  1. I think your containers for gardening are fantastic! I'm using drawers from our remodeled bathroom line closet for growing potatoes! If it'll hold dirt and compost I've got something growing in it! My friend grew lobilia and johnny-jump-ups in old boots. Grow (bloom) where you're planted!

    Isn't it wonderful getting out in the sun and up to your elbows in soil? And God Bless the hot shower afterwards!

    Take care: I'm heading to the post office on Friday.

  2. I'm getting out in my yard tomorrow. So looking forward to it. High forecast to be 81 F. My poor sad neglected yard needs attention. It needs to be cleaned up and all the deadfall from the neighbors trees hauled out to the alley. You look like you are making a good start on your planting. You are so clever to use pots like you do. I don't think they look trailer trashy -- they are a nice shade of blue. They look pretty against the white siding.

  3. Dear Denim ~ I'm so glad you were able to get out and work with your containers, planting seeds and scapes. Listen, we all garden with our hearts and bodies, so it doesn't matter what we garden in, plastic pots and buckets, most of mine are black nursery pots, or fancy stuff, or raised beds. We use what we are blessed with. I hope all of your seeds sprout, and that you don't lose anything with coming snow storms. Enjoy watching your gardens grow.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. You are one of the new cool wave of being green, re-purposing, not wasting, etc., etc. I too, use what ever is at hand. The idea of gardening is to make it either productive, cost-effective or beautiful or both.

    Seeds cost enough these days. We don't need to be spending so much on all the 'unnecessary' stuff.

    I like those big blue tubs!

    Good luck with the plantings and the tests.

  5. I love your containers. I have been wanting ones like that for years. I see them at the store each year but never have the extra cash.

    I have an in ground garden area and a lot of mismatched pots and containers. Whatever I have been given over the years.

    I love reading about the things you have going on.

    Jammies and hot shower sounds good to me!


  6. I am with the other commenters, liking your containers. I didn't know you could grow garlic from the scapes. Oh, was it the seedheads you planted? I inherited hardneck garlic in my veggie garden, that was my mother-in-law's. I have to keep the garlic thinned so the bulbs can form a decent size.

    I grow lettuce from that last couple of year's seeds, as well as new ones, too. I also plant very early, but didn't have the energy to do it today, like I'd hoped to, as I have a bug of some kind. Like you, I figure, if it comes up and survives, great, and if not, I'll replant. I do succession planting anyway, so it all works out.

    I hope your back is feeling better.

  7. NEVER apologize for containers. I use whatever I have. Also try trash containers. Pay a visit to your local recycling bins, if there are any. I get a lot of usable stuff that way. This year, I'm needing raised bed borders more than containers, so I think I'll lay those 19 chrome office trash cans I bought for containers three or four years ago, on their sides. And I've found a source for free wooden pallets so I plan to make my compost bins out of those and use the concrete block from the old compost bins to edge a raised bed. We use what we have. That's what it's all about.

  8. P.S., I hear you about repurposing and doing what you can with what you have. I made a great trellis for my honeysuckle out of rebar and bailing wire. . .LOL!