Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Its safe to come over now

Hello everyone,

Well.......It's safe to come over to my blog.  I got my computer back late this morning and had to upgrade my anti-virus and pay my IT tech to get rid of this "crap" that I picked up.  And that REALLY made me mad as the money was for  my garden seeds and seed starting supplies.  This really PO's me totally.
I thought I would just mention what my IT tech told me:  The "new" thing for hackers and other perverted masses to do now is to infect innocent sites, like gardening sites, coupon sites for grocery store coupons, and other totally innocent web sites. The other thing he told me was that it seems to be affecting more women as they surf these sites.  He mentioned that these hackers are from overseas.   After he told me this, I was really po'd.  It seems now that you cannot even look or do anything anymore without worrying about picking up crap like a sexually transmitted disease. Only you are the innocent one and it makes you become the guilty one.
I carry Avast anti virus on this computer, and it really works for me.  My IT tech installed it for free off of their web site, but since this, I had to upgrade to a more stronger wall and it cost, but it is worth it to me.  But still, it dipped into my seed money.
Anyway, I just wanted to tell all that its safe to come over to play.

Its very cold here, got 8' of snow during the night and this morning, my snow guy was over very early to scoop my walks and drive and I got out to salt the walks before I left to get the computer. So, since I couldn't get out, I baked another Banana cake from Glenda at Living and Gardening in the Ozarks, (its on my blog list).  Her cake is out of this world, and it did not last very long here.  It bakes beautifully and is so very moist.  The frosting is to die for.
I am going to put pork chops on tonight for my parent's and my dinner, nothing fancy, and maybe salad.  I also have some potatoes that I need to bake or steam to make potato salad, and use them up before they start sprouting, in fact, I think that some are.

Anyway, a very non-productive day, we are supposed to have warmer weather by the weekend, if so, I am going to try to set up my greenhouse plastic and start my lettuces and greens.  I feel like a broken record.

Anyway, please take care all, and wishing all of you a wonderful and productive week.


  1. I must be blind...I don't see the blogger with the banana cake on the list...could you do a link? I have some banana on the counter begging to be made into something today! Glad the computer is up and running.

  2. I was thinking today that Februaruy is a sort of doldrum month--neither spring in most places and yet a time when we feel that winter should be letting go. Calling it a "broken record" fits my mood quite well.

  3. I rub my potatoes with olive oil before I bake them at 350 for an hour. Makes the skins very tender, which is good. I eat them skins and all. YUM! When you do them like this, the taters have a tendency to "sing" -- make little high pitched squees as the steam escapes -- which my cats find fascinating.

    Tuning up to snow here in North TX panhandle. 11 F now and supposed to go down to 7 tonight, and 5 tomorrow night with tomorrow's high 24. I am so ready for spring and warmer weather!

    Those hackers are vandals, pure and simple. You have every right to be PO'd. I appreciate how tight money is with you. Mine is very tight too. Hang in there lady. We'll make it through.

  4. I can't figure the thrill these guys get infecting everyone with viruses!
    I will definitely stay away from those kinds of sites.

    I am so happy you are liking that cake!

    I just put two overly ripe bananas in the compost bucket...why didn't I do that cake again for the freezer.

    Have you ever planted those sprouting potatoes in the garden?
    Works great. I think it is way cheaper than buying seed potatoes most of the time.

    We missed the last snow. I am grateful.

  5. I made some really yummy potato soup last weekend. So very easy and so good on a cold day. PS I'm glad your back and bug-less!