Friday, April 15, 2011

Now for your viewing pleasure, snow

A few pictures of snow, probably shouldn't even show it.  I think that everyone who lives in snow country has seen quite enough, but really this should be gone in a few days, its wet and heavy and sloppy and it is starting to melt as I blog.
I had to get some new batteries for my digital camera, I will post a few more photos so you can get a chuckle.

Take care all and hugs


  1. OH NO!!! I feel so bad for you...and here I was feeling sorry for myself because it's only been in the 60's here! Don't catch a chill and get sick again...stay in the house with a cup of hot tea!

  2. Oh for Pete's SAKE!! Look at that DANG SNOW! Bless your heart. I hope it melts soon. Make yourself some hot tea or some cocoa and stay warm... Hugs

  3. WHAT? SNOW? It's in the high 80's here and my air conditioner is on. And it's spring...well more like summer!

  4. I have one comment, Yuck!!!!!

    They told us we might see a flake or two yesterday, but we did not! We are pretty cold though.

  5. oh poor you, I bet you truly are sick of it. We are sitting here in spring sunshine, with blossom and bees and blueskies. I wish I could send you some!

    Leanne x