Saturday, April 30, 2011

An un-nerving few weeks

Good Morning everyone,

I hope that all of you are OK, if I have readers from the south, I pray you are OK and getting through the turmoil of storms.  My heart goes to the south for the devastating destruction it has left.

I apologise for the lengthy away time I was.  But I had a very un-nerving and then anger filled few weeks.
I will not go into great detail about this little bru-ha-ha, but the trashy neighbors who are to the south of me accused me of graffiti on the back of the crappy trailer they live in.  The accusations flew, the cops called, evidence checked, and then as quickly as the finger pointing came, everything went.  OH yes, these people also accused me of window peeking.

This happened sometime between last Tuesday night or very early Wednesday morning, the words "move" was spray painted on the back of the trailer.  Now I will tell you, that yes, I was inquiring about these people, and I was told that the man who suddenly moved in with this woman was very violent, which he is, as I had seen him punch this woman down the stairs and the screaming that comes from this trailer.  But, unfortunately, living in a shit hole town such as this place, if you even want to call it a town, if you ask anything, eventually it will get around. 

I am sure that these people have baggage that they moved with from their previous digs.  I was told that they were evicted from the last residence for non payment and the violence.  I also learned another larger lesson..don't ask about things and be careful WHO you ask.  Since this 3 groups of people who have moved into this area came, we have had nothing but people coming and going and strange things going on in the air and around the neighborhood.

I was so very angry about this, and I was angry as I had a cop here, which when we do have them, they treat you like the trailer park trash they think you are.  This cop was brash, and condescending.  I told him, that I am not exactly well, and have other things to do besides paint things on wall, and peek into windows.
The other thing that angered me was the owner was right along blaming me for all of the social ills that he puts here.  So I did go to his place of business and lit into the middle of them and told them to leave me alone and to step up to the plate and YOU be responsible for what you put over here, and that they were not going to pin the crap onto me.  I then had to go and talk to my attorney, which I cannot afford, and discuss my options and at the moment, we are just sitting and seeing what will come about, which is all I can do at the moment.

Then the old, " I can't have a garden or flowers" bit came up again, as this trailer park trash have kids that are allergic to bees, and I told the owner to shove it.  Bees and bugs are in the environment and I can't control the world or the bugs so I told him to tell these people to get a life, if they even know what that is and then mentioned I had council with my attorney and whether he wanted to press on with the attorney, which he backed off and said he hates attorneys and shut up from there.

I wish I could move, but it costs a fortune to move.  I was pondering selling the modular back to the owner, but currently, I am not in a position to do so, so I have just concluded that I will with draw into my home, I moved my garden area to the north side, brought my blue buckets around and will pull them into my garden area, and just take it one day at a time.
I recalled another blogging friend, who I will mention, FlowerLady from FlowerLady's Musings had something similar to my dilemma, the shitty neighbors and the trash that seems to walk upon the urban areas now.  We are seeing this now here where I live as it seems since the news had been mentioning that the middle states are doing better than other parts of the country because of the economy, we are now seeing all manor of  people, all colors, coming here to live, thinking we have jobs and places to live, which is far from the truth. Along with this urban crap that is moving into the area, they bring their urban problems and social  issues which we are not really prepared to deal with here. Issues with color and cultures. When people move here, they cannot deal with the idea that there is nothing to do here. We have no anything to go to or clubs or night life that they had before.   This is a very low paying state, which you will find part time work, IF you can find work, and way below minimum wage and I mean way below, most pay is around anywhere from $4 an hour to $6 and that's it.  And maybe 15-20 hrs a week if you are lucky.  And forget about housing, its not here, except places like where I live, where I would not let a dog live in some of the places this owner has to rent out.  And on top, he charges $600 a month for the dumps to boot.

So,  I have been extremely depressed, and almost afraid to go out, worrying that if something else happens, I will be the first to get nailed because I am the target.  I am amazed that I, who mind my own business, am now the enemy of this place who lives among drug dealers and general shit of the lower population.
So, I have been trying to work inside, I am getting ready to paint some rooms and just general fix up so just in case, IF I decide to sell my investment of the modular back to the idiot owner, I can, and be done with it.  But at the moment, I am holding my ground.

Currently, I put in my berry canes, in small containers to see if they grow.  I put my dwarf blueberry's in the larger containers and will see how they do.  I will try to get onions in some containers, and I haven't even started on the area for my tomatoes and cucumbers yet.  We had a beautiful day yesterday, into the low 70's but this morning, it is chilly and very windy.  Personally, I have not felt like gardening at all now.  I have lost my desire to garden, period. Funny how quickly everything turns to ca-ca.

Well,  I think that I have pissed and moaned enough, so I will take leave and wish all of you a wonderful gardening weekend, and we will try to post later.



  1. Dear, dear Denim ~ This is so awful to read. My heart goes out to you and I'm praying for some relief for your situation.

    It is awful that we who try to mind our own business, except when crap comes into our spaces, that we just keep being attacked one way or another. DH and I have lived in our same little cottage for 38 years, and we've seen lots of changes, have LOTS of neighbors come and go. People are ruder, non-caring about property, much less about life in general.

    Like you said, all we can do is take each day as it comes and go with the flow as best we can.

    Love and hugs to you dear Friend.


  2. Vicki, I am so sorry all the is happening to you.

    My sister lived in a trailer park and I warned her repeatedly to not talk to others about certain things...she lived alone and I knew she would be vulnerable. I don't think she listened because I know she reported some things to officials. That even worried me.

    You take care of yourself and let the rest of it pass you by. I would keep up with the gardening, even if it is restricted because I know you enjoy it. Don't let them rob you of anything more.

  3. Guess what I have living next door to me! Same chapter, second verse. They have a piece of plywood in their sliding glass door where they broke the door glass out, and trash all over the place. Blows into my yard and I have to pick it up. However, my situation is going to be looking up about August, and I'm starting a moving fund. Hang in there, lady!

  4. That made such unhappy reading, I feel for you so much, and worry about you living there. keep your head down, I think its the best way. i shall be keeping you in my prayers that some good fortune comes along enabling to you move away, to somewhere safe where you can grow a garden, and live, without fear

    blessings of Beltane to you, in love and light, Leanne x

  5. Vicki, I left behind a "Neighbor From Hell" when I moved, and I can sympathize completely. The Bible says if there's a problem, you go directly to the person and talk to them, then if that doesn't work, you go with several others and talk to them again. But that just doesn't work. In fact, as soon as they know you have complaints about something they do or are, they blame you if anything happens, such as your neighbor's grafitti or the police coming. I've been sworn at, threatened, NO TRESPASSING signs all over their property, all placed facing in my direction. They even put them on the sidewalk in front of their house, I guess they thought I'd leave the sidewalk and walk out in the street in front of their place. When we moved, they followed us here once to see where we were moving to. Just pure intimidation if you ask me. I reported it to the police.

    I hope you can find someplace better to move. It sounds like you are becoming the scapegoat for that place. I'll keep you in my prayers.... Hugs, Ilene

  6. Oh my dear, I am so sorry to read what a dreadful time you have been having, and wish that there was some way that I could help you. It sounds like someone who is decent and good and caring counts for nothing with JUNK like them - and that scumbag landlord of yours.

    Please don't let them grind you down, so you have no pleasure in your garden any more. Then THEY will have won.

    I hope that you are able to resolve this situation and perhaps move somewhere more congenial in the future? I am thinking of you and sending BIG HUGS. Jennie xx