Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wishing everyone a Happy Mother's Day

Good Morning everyone,

I'm  still here.  I haven't been sent to the pen or the gulag YET.  But I thought I had better post that I am still here, but I have been sand baggin' and have been pretty busy painting and trying to get the garden in at the same time. I have been pouting a little bit also, but I have to get up and going.   With all of the crap that had happened, I am oh so far behind in the garden it isn't even funny, so I have been trying to whip a bit of garden that had not been in garden for several years, but I am getting it done.  It isn't going to be a pretty garden, but just functional to produce something.  Hopefully it won't fail me, as this is done very slapped together.  I will post photos later.

Update from next door,  the south idiots had a brawl last Tuesday night.  I was sitting outside with a cup of tea after supper and heard screams flying around, I didn't look, as I knew what was going on, but the neighbor lady right across the street seen it all and went in and called the cops.  She had a front stage view and unfortunately, she and a tenant she rents to was out in front talking and the tenant ran in her  house as she is a survivor of domestic assault and the neighbor told me later she was petrified.  I told the neighbor that it will have to be up to the other neighbors to call the cops and I cannot because of the blame game crap the owner and the these trailer park trash pull.  The neighbor said she was going directly to the owner to bitch about them and to file a complaint about the male running around in his underwear showing off his manhood.  See this male does not venture out too much, but when he does, he is in his underwear walking down to the west of us to another crappy trailer park that's worse than this one.  From what I was told, the whole area is complaining about this male as we don't know if he is a pervert or what.  So, the story continues, I will keep you posted.

Well,  I am going to get dressed and ready to work today.  It has been beautiful the last few days and have really got a lot done.  I have been very exhausted also.  So I will try to post more as I get things done.
I wish all the moms a Happy  Mother's Day.  Enjoy your day.


  1. Well, hang in there Vicki. It sounds like this is coming to a head and it will be over soon.

    I accidentally went to a porn blog the other day and I sat here considering whether I should be shocked or not and then I thought, "you know, we all have the same equipment." So then I wasn't shocked, just annoyed. Heh. You made me think of that when you were talking about the man running around in his underwear. Heh.

    I know what you mean about all the work trying to get growing areas ready. I'm having that problem too. We can only do what we can do.

    Glad to know you're safe. Hugs

  2. Maybe if enough people complain, the owner will oust this crowd. Walking around in public in your underwear is "indecent exposure" -- If it happens in front of young children, then maybe the cops will do something.

  3. Vicki, I am glad you posted; I have been worried.

    Surely, they will evict this family soon....I think you are wise to stay out of the fray; you have had enough grief from them.

    I am glad to hear you are getting some garden in....a garden that produces is the only important thing. How it looks is very secondary in my book.

    Hope you have a good week.