Saturday, May 14, 2011

A chilly few nights

Good Evening Everyone,

I hope that you all had a great productive week and weekend.  Like I have mentioned, I have been pretty busy in the house trying to get just general house things done, painting, working outside as I can. I am so very far behind in the garden, and I am afraid that it is going to be a cool summer here, where I will need to leave my greenhouse plastic up for most of the summer like I did last summer, to get anything to grow and be productive.

It has been very chilly here the last few days.  We had 2 1/2 inches of rain the last few days and nights, we really needed it, but we also are having pretty chilly weather, and I do have tomatoes in.  I had to put them in, they were getting root bound and starting to die, so I had to take the chance.  I have covered the tomatoes with greenhouse plastic and am just hoping for the best.  My problem is:  I lost my south side because of the south idiots so, I do not have the heat from the house to protect the plants, so I am just hoping  I can stay ahead of Mother Nature and a prayer.  It is supposed to drop to 32* tonight, and tomorrow, with even a wind chill of 23*, so yes, I would say, winter does not want to let go of her grip yet.  And to think that we had 85-90* last week.

I covered my berry canes, and did cover my lettuces and greens, so they are OK and can take the chilly temps.  I have my cucumber seedlings and squash in the house under the lights and they are in the "it" room where it is warm.

Other than that, that is about all that is going on here.  I really have not been in a gardening mood, to be honest,  I am very upset that I lost the south side, which pans out to about a 5 ft by 50 ft section of garden that I could use, but I cannot risk loosing any plants I put in and pay for from idiots.  I'm not even going to risk it.  I had that a few years ago from some other idiots and I lost a lot of money in plants and produce stolen, so I am just going to bide my time and hope for the best.

I also want to thank all of you for your words to help me through this very unhappy time.  I do not feel isolated with all of you along side me.  You are the only reason I can get up in the morning with my coffee or tea and get through the day.  Thank you all my friends.  I love and give hugs to all.
Well, I am going to quit for the night, I am beat, tired and am going to sit and read a new gardening magazine I got in the mail this afternoon, so I wish all of you a wonderful upcoming week.



  1. It was way hot here yesterday and now today it's down-right chilly! What is it with this weather!? I'm really sorry you lost your south
    side garden spot...I can't for the
    life of me figure a way for you to increase your *safe* garden space. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and wait for everything to fall into place. Hang in there, we all have our *crosses* to bear.

  2. Glad to see your post.

    Our weather has been crazy too, but not as cold!

    I admire that you are just doing what you can with the gardening....better than doing nothing or risking that south side.

    I am hoping those people are short termers....and move on.

    Let's hope the coming week brings some warmer weather for all of us.

  3. good to see a post, and that you are bearing up. I think you're wise to lose the south side garden- I understand how disappointing it must be - but any distance between you and them is safety. Better I think for you to have reduced growing space and less contact or triggers for contact.
    Keep soldiering on, keep smiling- dont let these low lifes get you down. hugs Leanne x

  4. Hang in there, Lady! I'm having a rough patch, too. But we'll make it through together. I just have to hold on until August. . .