Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm Ready for my Close-up, Mr. DeVille

Good Evening Everyone,

I am so sorry for not getting back blogging.  It seems that by the time I finish up with clean-up around the house, I come in the house, totally exhausted, and quite sore, and a horridly painful spine, and then too tired to blog, I crash on the couch and fall asleep until about 5 am, then the dog has to go out and I get the paper and then I may crash back for an hour or so, then up and at em' again.  I am also feeling like not blogging,  it is dull here, not much happening, and since gardening is over.  I just sit'in on my butt, but I'm working inside the house, which it seems to me, I'm not getting anywhere.

Today, I had to take D to his pain management doctor in Kearney, which is about 100 miles to the east of me.  They did another round of pretty painful injections with a spine needle that no one would ever get next to me with one.  They only manage spine and leg pain for about 3-4 days then its back to chronic pain again and pain meds.  I am just so upset that there really isn't anything being done, and what is being done now has come way too late in the game to even manage or cure the problem in the first place.  Almost 3 years coming up and it was only this January that the company even did an MRI in the first place. Then the pain management didn't begin until this June, and now its going to be the 1st of November and pretty much its back to square one again.  I am at a loss now.  Welcome to the crappy world of work comp, (or lack of ).

While I was waiting for D to get back into the observation room,  on the news I heard about 4 kids being in a trailer from my hometown that were kept in a dog kennel.  Well, gee, we made the national news again!  Such a nice town that I live in, NOT!
I think that with all that is going on in the world, and now this sucky town that I live in, is really getting on my nerves.  Where I live in this trailer park, with the druggies, alcoholics, and other social ills, that come with the image of trailers and trailer parks, this will really put a black eye on the community.  This morning, while looking at blogs and the weather, the radio personalities were talking about how this town rivals the drug problems that pretty large, urban area are dealing with,  DUH!  Its been like this for several years now, and is getting worse each day.  I will bet that this child abuse case is connected with drugs or liquor.  Seems that parents want the dope and booze more than taking care of kids and home.  This case will also put a black eye on trailers even worse than it is now.  Remember back last year the problems we were having with the cops here and the trailer park image he had with all of us living here.

I sometimes feel like the world comes crashing down upon your head and you don't even have a beanie hat to protect you. It seems that you just cannot get a footing and hang on to the rope for dear life.  Ilene,  I'm ranting today, and I am also very tired from the drive to and from the Doctor's office.  I don't do driving very well anymore.  I don't enjoy it like I did when I was young and foolish and would go where angels feared to tread, mainly in terrible urban areas when I drove truck with D. Some of the most dangerous and gang riddled areas and that was in the 70's.  I know now it is 100% worse.  Calgon, take me away.........

Anyway,  I am starting to get cross-eyed at the screen, and I cannot see the letters on the keyboard.  I think that I will quit for the night, fix a soothing cup of herbal tea and rest.  Maybe the world will look better tomorrow.  Probably not, but we can wish, can't we?


  1. Dear, dear Denim ~ I hope today is a better day for you and D too. Some days are worse than others that is for sure. We all have to deal with whatever comes our way, it's different for all of us. We don't live in a trailer and we've got drugs, murder, teen gang shenanigans, etc. happening in our neighborhood too. I think it's happening all over these days and it doesn't matter where you live.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  2. I think the ills of the world [drugs, alcohol, child abuse--long list goes on] tend to be worse nearer cities. In the years when my husband drove truck [Daily Express] I often went with him--and we hated the urban areas which were of course where pick up and deliveries were concentrated.
    Even here in supposedly buccolic rural KY the amount of drugs, etc is a sad eye opener.
    Not much we can do--nothing really, so we try to continue on, living frugally, learning to deal with officially being 'senior citizens!'