Thursday, October 13, 2011


Good Morning Everyone,

Well, not too much going on here, except the bills.   D and I have been just working around the house to try to get things done before we get caught with our pants down from surprise blizzards and other weather that may pop up around here.  One minute its warm then next minute, you have a raging snow storm.  We also discovered a water leak of some sort in the S room, on the carpet, so today we have to do recon to find what and where the water is before it gets cold.  I hate leaks, especially in modular homes, so I am going to start working this morning clearing out and while I'm doing this, I will start throwing away stuff that is of no use or a pile for the thrift shop. Then, we have to cut out the carpet in there, and dry things out and then when we get it fixed, I will paint the floor with some floor paint until I can afford to lay vinyl down in the spring.

Today is my birthday.  I don't usually do much on birthdays.  This one will be spent working on the house, and then maybe if I'm not too tired, I will bake an angel food cake for tonight with dinner.  Not sure what's for dinner either.
Last weekend, I bought beef shanks at the grocery.  I was quite shocked that they carried shanks in the first place.  I bought about 12 of some nice sized shanks with a lot of meat on them, and then Saturday, I popped them in the oven and slowly roasted them for the day.  They turned out so nice and so very flavorful.  I made homemade beef and noodles on Sunday.  Very tasty and filling.  I had enough left over of the shank meat to fill two freezer containers for two more meals.   I am going this weekend to see if the butcher at the market has more and I am going to purchase more to freeze with my vacuum sealer and have these for the winter.  Belle got some large bones to chew on also.
I am also posting a photo of the wild kittens we caught this August with Chester, the ICU cat from last December.  He was the one that was caught in the fence and lost a his right leg and part of his tail.. He has fallen in love with these kittens and takes care of them and watches over them like a hawk.  A good uncle.

Anyway, this will be a short post.  I will post more later this week, but until then, I had better get dressed in my cruddy work clothes and start the the hunt for the water leak.

Have a great week everyone


  1. Happy Birthday dear Denim ~ I hope your day is a good one.

    Leaks are a pain that is for sure. I hope this one is found easily and that you get it fixed before any nasty weather blasts you.

    Uncle Chester is a sweetheart watching out for the little ones.

    Your beef shanks sound delicious.

    It is still very warm and humid down here. We long for cooler weather, but alas. We had a couple of nice days, then it warmed back up. Dang.

    Have a nice bday evening.

    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday dear Denim,
    Happy birthday to you.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. That was so sweet of flower lady to sing you happy b-day. I hpoe your birthday is super too!
    The beef shanks sound yummy, don't think I've seen them at the market though.

  3. I hear you about leaks -- very unfun at any time, never mind your birthday. My toilet leaks from between the bottom of the toilet and the floor (triple yuck!) and has done for at least a month now. I've already had the plumbers out once to replace the seal and a connection, but it's still leaking. I thought it ruined my bathmats with mildew on the rubber part, but thankfully it all came out in the wash.

    Hope you have a Happy Birthday, and I hope you can fix the leak yourselves without having to have a plumber out. Maybe you should price some of those "carpet tiles" that you peel and stick to the floor. You could spread out the expense by buying it a box at a time until you get enough, plus one extra box. That way, if some get ruined, you don't have to replace the whole floor. I think you can get vinyl tile squares like that too. Please! Both of you wear masks (even a bandanna like an outlaw!!) when you are taking up the carpet and get you some mold/mildew treatment stuff and treat the wet areas. You absolutely don't want mold and mildew getting started. Breathing the moldy dust and mold spores can be deadly.

  4. Happy Birthday!

    I just had my 72nd. last month. Where does the time go...

    Good luck with the leak; sometimes they are hard to find.

    I saw the beef shanks first thing and wondered where you found them. I have never seen them in a market here before. I love beef and noodles.

    Boring is Good!

  5. Well, happy birthday, Vicki!

    All my birthdays turn out to be just ordinary days but then I've had so many of them....

    Sorry about your leak.

    That's really cute about Chester adopting those kits. That's not typical for a male cat.

  6. Happy Birthday sweet lady! And I want you to know i did it! I canned! WOOT! Pepper spread is on the agenda.....

  7. I apologize for not visiting my favorite blogs lately, and i promise to do some catching-up with everyone in the next few days. We are experiencing cooler weather starting today (Thursday) and as for myself I'm looking forward to falls return to the Lancaster Pennsylvania area. And are the color of the leaves changing your your way folks as they are mine. Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoy the beautiful fall season that has now begun. Richard from Amish Stories