Sunday, November 20, 2011

Added some unfriendly to the diet recipes

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I found some more very unfriendly to the diet recipes from grandma's box.  Take a peek and enjoy. If you have any questions, please comment and I can explain.  For European readers,  I am not sure of conversions, but I think that there are conversion charts on the web for your use.
Please enjoy.

There isn't much going on here at all at the moment.  D and I are just painting and working still in the house.  I am trying to talk D into going to his family in South Dakota for the Thanksgiving holiday coming up and take a break from me and the house. (personally I need a break!) LOL.   Sounds like the weather will hold and just be chilly and as far as I know, no blizzards or ice on the horizon/  But you never know in this part of the country.

Got over the headache.  It takes about 4 days for everything to calm down.  We have had several cold fronts go through and sometimes the wind stirs up the dirt and pollen and we have had no substantial snow or rain to keep the dust down.  We are also into full swing of corn harvest here and I drive by the CO-OP's here which are bulging with corn and the corn dust and bran is blowing all over and that sometimes causes me grief also with my sinuses.  Thank you for the well wishes from all of you. I think that I will live for a while now.

I am wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and if you are traveling, please be careful and enjoy the time with family and eat yourself silly.



  1. So glad you are feeling better!

    I love the recipes page.

  2. 'Two nations divided by a common language'. When you say 'corn', I presume it's what WE call 'maize'. Our crops have been harvested for quite some time, and regardless of a very dry year, have been good.

    As for weather, I don't quite know what's happened. It's almost like summer here, and it's mid-November... Bizarre.

  3. Mr. M
    Forgive my ignorant behavior. I keep forgetting I have European readers and what we call certain things are different for the same things.
    Yes, Maize is corn. We have had record amounts here in my "CornHusker" state. Please bear with me as I am located in HillBilly Hades here and am somewhat isolated.
    Unforunatly, most of the corn grown here goes into ethanol production, and I won't talk about that, as that is a soap box issue and there are both sides that are againest it/for it.
    Have a great, magical week, Mr and Mrs M.

  4. Hello my dear. Sorry to read you've been poorly, but glad you're on the mend again now. I hope the snow proper holds off for a while. This time last year we had our first snow (a friend reminds me), and it is apparently set to get colder this weekend, with gales (but hopefully no snow yet). We are trying to eke out the little bit of heating oil we have so far been able to buy.

    Keep warm.

  5. Forgive me if ive done this already, I am losing track, lol, but my blogs now private, if you havent had an invite yet, and would like one, email me on hope you are better now.

    Leanne x