Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Snow Flurries and a pounding headache

Good Morning Everyone,

I will try to type as best as I can over a pounding sinus headache that I started to get yesterday morning.  It has now blossomed into a small migraine and I am starting to see "spots" so that means that I need to crash out on the couch and nothing else will get done today, ( or tomorrow).

As I type, it is lightly snowing little flurries of puffy snow flakes.  And the air has taken on a very chilly presence, like late winter air.  It is supposed to be chilly starting today, and getting colder toward the Thanksgiving holiday. I crawled out to let the dog out and the air was so cold and felt so good on my head and nose when I breathed in the cold air, and for a little while, I did feel better.  I do have my cold pack that I use, but for some reason, the outside cold air feels better. Must be a nature thing.

I would take my camera out, but......I don't feel good, don't think that I could see well to take photos of the flurries and my camera is dead from low batteries, so, take my word for it, I do see flakes, unless I am delusional from the pain in my head!
I will try to post in a few days, and if I can get better grade batteries, I will post what D and I have been doing around the house.
Take care all,


  1. Are you sure it's not stars in your eyes?

    Re your posting comments problem. Are you using Internet Express? If so try changing to Google Chrome; it's very simple to download, is much faster, and should solve your problems.

  2. The term 'migraine' rouses me to instant sympathy. Ice packs or cold outdoor air made the pain worse in my case. I don't have them often anymore, but for a decade or so they were devastating in their regular appearance.
    Re the camera batteries: I decided several years ago that buying the rechargable type is a good investment. I bought a holder which plugs into a wall outlet [under $20] and I get quite a bit more mileage from batteries before they eventually give up the ghost.
    Snow--I'm happy not to be enduring WY winters anymore.

  3. I am sorry to hear about the headaches...would you believe I have had one for a few days now...not nearly as bad as yours though. I was thinking I needed new glasses. Maybe it is a sinus thing. If so, when the weather finally settles into cold and stays there we should both be better.

    I buy Eneloop batteries via the internet and find them to be outstanding. They are AA rechargeables.

  4. sorry to read you havent been well, Denimz, I hope by now, 4 days later you are much better.

    Re the comment you left on my blog, here's a link to the cross stitch kit. Its way out of my budget right now, i just couldnt justify that amount on a treat right now, but I am hoping they might go in a sale after christmas if they dont sell!! One can hope!

    Leanne x

  5. Dear Denim ~ I read your post from today and saw that I had missed this post here. I sure hope your headache is completely gone now. They are NOT fun at all.

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving whatever you do.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady