Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Very Disturbing Piece of News

I just received an email newsletter from a journalist source and read it.  In it I read a comment to the news story that New Zealand has or is in the process of banning all growing of food by citizens.  DO WHAT PEOPLE!  Give me a break.  You mean that this country is in the process of this and Kiwi's are going to stand for it.

Please if I have any European readers, Aussie's or Kiwi's, please give me more info on this.  This is absurd to say the least.
If this is going on, who's next, England, US, etc.

I would like to hear more info on this if someone can enlighten me.

Again, I find this so very disturbing, to say the least.

Please let me know.

Have a great weekend.



  1. If that is a true bit of news, that is horrible and a real crime against humanity. I know some bloggers from that area and so far none of them have mentioned that, and some have nice veggie gardens and have chickens too.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. I can't imagine this happening. When we lived in WY restrictions were imposed on what people could bring to sell at the local farmer's market--no baked or canned goods, hams or pickles, etc, that were 'home made'--supposedly all had to be done in a state-inspected and certified kitchen. I thought that was far-out--if an individual wants to risk a loaf of bread baked in someone's ordinary kitchen, isn't that the individual's business? And how many horrible things go on in a commercial bakery or other food processing place?? I think we don't want to know!

  3. Was it dated April 1st?

    If indeed this is true; IGNORE. But it can't be!