Sunday, December 11, 2011

More info on New Zealand food control

Good Morning Everyone,

I have been doing some research and then did a search on a search engine that does not record your ISP.  I keyed in "New Zealand food growing illegal and came up with startling information.
I urge you to do the same, and please start mentioning this on your blogs, or just start talking about it.
This law is based on a food safety law, and it included, guns, seeds, herbals, and of all things, WATER that are illegal.  It is meant for the dominate seed companies to control food.  And the government will seize everything and throw you in the clinker, probably for good.

This is something that we all need to watch and start pounding your state's Representatives as this is serious business and this will bring all of us to our knees.
I am having some issues posting links, so please start doing searches and please relay the information and message that if New Zealand  citizens are going to roll over and let this happen, then it will migrate to us as well and other nations.

I think that you may remember last year when we were having problems with the local law here, and the cop told me that gardens were illegal.....well folks, I rest my case.

I will keep posted on this issue.

Try to have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Hi Denim, I did a bit of research and reading on that NZ bill. If it is passed guess what it will do...

    make New Zealand law like the US law. We already have all the restrictions they are considering passing.

    For example, I can not legally sell eggs or vegetables to my neighbors. Lots of us do it but it is against the law and could be prohibited at any time.

    Remember last summer the sheriff that wouldn't let the little girl have a lemonade stand? The sheriff had the food safety laws on her side.

    We already have far less freedom than people realize.

  2. That's why I live rural.
    Probably should have bought a place in the bayou's though.
    They'll find me eventually and tell me I can't have a cow. They're already trying to RFID all livestock!

    My food gifts in jars are probably illegal too!
    It's always about the money, me making things from scratch is cutting into Pillsbury's profit margin.
    What's next, no sewing?

  3. Terry M

    They tried the RFID here in Nebraska, but it didn't float anyone's boat at the time. So its been stopped or at least put at bay. I'm sure just about anything you do anymore is illegal. Sewing, cooking homemade food, funny, how the government preaches to eat more vegetables, and fruit, and spend more time with the family. I don't get it, yet when you try to provide for your family, grow more healthful meals, you are not in complience for it.

  4. I suppose it's the 'elf-n-effin-safety people' again. Just ignore them.

    They hate people like me (us), because we are partly self-sufficient. We should all be buying plastic wrapped, commercially grown, trans-world, non-Bio, junk from our local out of town hypermarkets. NO THANK YOU.