Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blogger issues

Just a quick note to some of you that I visit your blogs:

On some blogs I cannot comment or even come up with the blog, so I am not sure if is blogger or another hit I have taken from the blog vermin that are wanting to hack everybody's blogs again.
This just started over the weekend and so I am trying to figure it out. So If you do not hear from me, I am having issues again.
Please take care all.


  1. I had issues commenting for the longest time; it seems to have resolved itself......for now.

    Stay warm and I hope to see you back soon.

  2. I can't get to the comments part on Glenda's blog and haven't been able to for her last couple of posts. I can still read the latest post if I just go to the main page but if I try to go to a specific post, it just locks up. Blogger is such a P.O.C., but it's free so guess I can't complain too much. If you figure out what's wrong and how to get around it, let us all know....

  3. Lots of people are having the same problem. I believe it's Mr Blogger who's to blame. Occasionally they improve and repair; it should be just a matter of time before all is back to normal.

    Do you use Google Chrome? If not, I suggest you do. All will be resolved.

  4. You have a very nice blog here and as the other comments suggested there are others, like me, who have had issues with being able to leave comments.

  5. Mr. H.
    Thank you for your warming comment, and thank you for stopping by.
    I am new to blog land, and learn everyday about it. I don't have tons of things to talk about, as I live an extremly boring, life. But when it gears up in spring with gardening and canning, I'm trying to blog and photograph and can at the same time.
    Take care and please stop by again.