Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good Morning, Good Morning

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope that everyone is doing well.  Its has gotten cold here, just a little dusting of dry snow, but chilly, its not January like it was last year, I'll tell you that.  I will tell you that I am happy as my natural gas bill is not bad at all, and I am quite happy about that.

Well, I am getting into my January blues bit.  It just weather, and being cooped up.  With the price of gasoline for the car, I just don't get in the car to just joy ride around, so I am trying to kick start myself and do some things around here.  I have been sand bagging around some blogs and if you go to my blog list and go to Mornings  Minion blog,  you will see her quilt that she started working on some years back, and now its finished. and I think that it looks superb. I am somewhat getting into the mood to try a simple pattern utility bed quilt.  Funny, my mother owned a quilt shop, she didn't work on too much quilts and neither did I.  I was designing needlepoint, rug hooking patterns, and working on rodeo queen divas and personally I wished I would of dumped the rodeo queens, they were not worth the trouble that they gave me.  I could of been working on learning some quilting. Now I am sorry I didn't learn.  So, if anyone could suggest some beginner books, or web sites to go to, to pick up something, I would really appreciate it, and maybe a kick in the pants to get started.

Our weather here is deceiving, first its 69* the other day, now it got to -12*F a few morning ago, now its supposed to warm up to the upper 40's and 50's, then chilly again.  Boy, the winter is worse than a woman's mind, I'll tell ya.

Well, I just wanted to jump in real quick to let you know I am still here in my very boring life.  I sure want to garden, real bad.  I may just be able to start some of my winter greens better this year,  I am planning on one of these nice days, to bring a few buckets over to the south side, since I can, and cover them up with greenhouse plastic and let them start the warm up for February and March greens.  I have been so hungry for greens and salads, but I do not buy them in the store,  they look pretty sorry anyway and I not going to spend $3 on a head of lettuce.  So I think that its time to get things rolling, and maybe me out of my slump.

Have a great rest of the week.



  1. I hope you find something to interest you in these cold days of winter that we have ahead.

    Early planting of greens sounds good. Like you, I won't pay those outrageous prices for a little 9 oz bag.

    Quilting would be a very good option and I am sure you can find lots of good help in blogger land or the internet.

  2. Have you started on an easy quilt yet? I have been busy making cushion covers for the girls (LOVELY material - made me feel good just to touch it! - Amy Butler and a Liberty print and I have a colourful Kaffe Fassett print to use for myself.

    What did you make up for the Rodeo queens then? As for the rug hooking patterns - I take my hat off to you, as when Borders was still open here in the UK, I would pick up and drool over a very expensive (too expensive to buy!) magazine that showed art rugs - for walls not floors!

    I wish you could get some home-grown greens started (windowsill babies?) to give you a treat. We have had a very warm winter this year (so far) with wild flowers flowering on Christmas Day, and Daffodils in full bloom at the Botanic Gardens last week. Amazingly early. I hope your south-side tubs warm up for you.