Saturday, February 4, 2012

Not like it was cracked up to be.

Good afternoon everyone,

I just thought I would pop in and tell you all that, yes, we got a snow storm, a little wind, and about 9 inches of snow, did not have the 35-45 mph winds behind it to give it the punch it needed to be a full blown blizzard.  This was a baby storm compared to some I have been in, drove in, and lived through. I do know that Colorado got dumped on, and some parts of our area got over 15 inches, but here, it was a considerable baby storm, with a squeak instead of a roar.

Right now, its melting outside, about 32*F and probably by Monday, will be pretty much gone.  It has been too warm here, to keep it on the ground, so its soaking into the ground, which my trees, and my garden need it so badly. So, I'm happy that it was the storm that wasn't.
So, I am ok, everything is as it should be.  I am going to tackle my broth tomorrow (Sunday), and just kinda vegetate for a few days.
Everyone, take care and we will think of something to blog about next week.

Hugs to All


  1. Google news page is still billing this as a major NE storm--sounds like the media needs to get real! I was imagining you snowed in with the power out! I've been in NE when the wind was on the rampage!

  2. I was watching the news also. I thought it was a little overboard, in which I think that the media needs to "get real" too, MM.
    I've been in raging blizzards in the truck, one time in MN where it raged for 4 days straight, and finally when it quit, we followed in one lane to get back to SD, and all you could see were the antenna of the semi's on the other side of the interstate. There were snow drifts over 12 ft tall. Now that was a blizzard!

  3. Our media are starting to do the same thing and "talk up" the weather too. An inch of snow is now a major "snow event"! A friend was saying yesterday how she went to the supermarket for some pate, and couldn't understand why the car park was full to the gunnels. Then she got inside and people were panic-buying - perishable things and several people with more than one bottle of bleach and other cleaning products. Ye Gods, talk about getting your priorities wrong . . .

  4. Glad you got a small one and much needed moisture. When I hear the word Moisture, I think of Ian Tyson's song. I am addicted to his music.

    Here is a link to the song.

  5. Good morning Denim ~ I emailed you a little while ago, then came across this post of yours. I'm so glad you only had a little snow, not the blizzard that was predicted.

    Have a nice day today ~ FlowerLady