Thursday, February 2, 2012

Too much of a good thing or Be careful what you wish for

Very Good Morning Everyone,

Its a little early for me this morning, BUT, I needed to get up and start things early as we are in a BLIZZARD WARNING! Yep, first one this year, after all of the spring weather we had been getting, SEE, told ya so.  I knew that we would pay for the nice weather.

Why a blizzard warning instead of a winter storm warning or an advisory, is because we are supposed to have 35-50 mph winds behind this snow, and with 8-12 inches like the weatherman is talking about,  will make it worse than Saturday night at Dodge City.  When you get sometimes gale force winds behind snow, you get a mess. So, guess what I;m doing this morning......

I am pretty much prepped anyway.  As usual, I have pantry, fuel, and lamp oils etc. etc.  stocked anyway, just because I do as part of my household anyway, nothing new in this. My snow removal guy is ready and will show up after all of this splats on the ground probably on Sunday, when this is supposed to quit and move out of the area.
I am just going out this morning to get some cat food, litter, and just a few items and I'm done and ready to hunker down for the long weekend.  With the winds that they are talking about, I may lose power, so I may be down on the computer, but that is just part of living out here in hillbilly hell.

And for some of you who asked about if I am getting any quilting done.  I am afraid that I need to start a stash.  Money has been so tight, and I can't afford fabric at the fancy quilt shop we have here.  Good grief, some her fabric is $12 a yard!  I have been thinking that I may just start with a denim quilt, my name sake, which I love denim anyway, and just cut patches out of different colors of denim, which I have plenty of around here and do a bed quilt for D's bed.  I need to haunt the second hand shops too, but I just cannot eake out money, even small amounts for cotton shirts.  But I do have a small amount of shirts from my closet and I have been washing these and slicing them up and stacking them in a small plastic box with a lid and I'll work until I get something saved up to start something small, like a table runner or something.  Thanks to all of you who sent links and ideas and suggestions, its just like everything else, you have to start out small and work up. This weekend would of been a wonderful time to quilt on something.  Oh well.

If we keep the electricity up and going, I am going to just work in the kitchen and finish canning my chicken broth and chicken meat.  When I started hearing about snow on Monday, I thought I'd just wait and then heat up the kitchen when its cold. So everything went in the freezer and I will pull it out probably tomorrow or Saturday and finish.  I may also do another round of veggie broth.  I use a lot of both in cooking.  I won't be able to get to the store for beef  shanks until after this storm so that's on the agenda next week.  Also D and I are planning a trip to the small hometown meat processor about 50 miles from us so I can get some smoked sausage that they do and maybe a few other things.

Well,  I had better get going.  I am going to have a little breakfast, and then try to be out the door by 8:30 am and then get things done, as by the time the afternoon rolls around, people start getting off work, and decide that they had better get to the stores when its too late, and its a mad house around here when people are pushed.  It amazes me, living around here that some people wait until its too late and then cry that there is nothing on the shelves when we have storms.  Its usually very young people who are more worried about their smart phones working than keep their butts covered in a blizzard.
I will try to take some photos if I can. I never know about my little cheap camera.
I wish everyone a wonderful weekend.



  1. I heard about the expected blizzard. Our weatherman is from Colorado so we get to hear what is happening there and He talked about all the snow and winds...not here though, just more promises of rain.

    What do you do for heat if the power goes off? I worry about that in really cold areas.

    I hope it doesn't get as bad as predicted!

  2. Gld,
    When the heat is off, right now, I just freeze. We have natural gas, but the therostat is electric. I have been trying to find a battery backup for a therostat. This is something that I have to address: secondary heat source. I want a small wood burner, but again its money. At the moment, I use the top of the gas stove but I have to watch the cats.
    Its the pits being poor.

  3. What a strange winter season this is--everywhere! The weather here in KY is similar to late March--makes me wonder what March or April might bring.
    When we were in the process of moving here from WY the sandhill cranes and Canadian geese were massed along the N. Platte for miles, an amazing sight.
    Blizzards that take out the electric are no fun after the first hour or two--we've had propane in the other places we lived, here we have electric for the cookstove, etc. I guess we could roast hotdogs in the fireplace. We surely wouldn't starve with all the canned goods in the basement.
    Take care!

  4. Dear, dear Denim ~ I sure hope you won't lose power. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

    If you do lose power, hope it's not for long. Please check back in when you are able to.

    When we lived in Spain, we had a propane heater. Of course they warned us not to go to sleep with one on.

    It seems like in this day and age there should be some sort of heater you could have for emergencies, like blizzards.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  5. I know how it is when money is tight.
    Have you looked at a little butane stove. You can find them new for around $20.00 and it will give you something to cook on as well a little heat.
    Stay warm and safe

  6. Stay safe friend! Let us know asap how it went!