Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I apologise for my absence.  I have had several family, medical  and legal issues that I have had to attend to.  I am working on some posts and photos of plants waking up and  coming alive.  But my family issues come first and foremost.  There is only me.  I have started working, then get home, and be totally exhausted and brain dead, until I couldn't think.  It has started to slow down, issues being resolved and getting back on track.

Sunday, we got about a half inch of cold rain.  It was very chilly. about 48* F.  Monday, it warmed right into the mid 70's and yesterday, we broke a record of 78*F. Wow.  Toward the weekend, close to 80*. Double WOW.

I am working on some posts, and photos of plants.  I have started some heirloom tomatoes. Some Amish Paste, and Stupice.  I also have some Mortgage Lifters.  I am hoping with the heated seed mats, I can have better luck.  I also have some Jalapenos started, they are up and I hope that I can keep them up.

Other than is very boring, and very uneventful here, which I guess is ok.  I just do not have a lot going on at the moment with all of the other things that were going on.  It seems the days just blended together.  As it gets warmer, I am hoping to do more with the garden.

D and I are planning on laying out fencing on my south side, so I can extend the garden.  I found someone to help me to stretch the fence and lay posts in.  D is currently down with spine problems which put him down in bed for about a week, so I am going to tackle little bits at a time.  I just need help stretching the fence and getting everything wired up. 

Well, I need to run some errands, and work on posts later today or tonight.  I will get back later to all of you.



  1. Sorry to hear of your family problems Denim, and hope all is sorted now. Lovely to be planting things again (even I've been able to get out and sow a few seeds). I hope you get your fence put up - that should hopefully stop people wandering onto your plot.

  2. Did you say you are working? What are you doing? Did I miss a post about that?

    The fence sounds like a really good thing. Hope it all goes smoothly.

  3. I hope work themselves into a nice, smooth routine quickly. Glad to hear you can extend your garden. I know you will enjoy that.

    A new job?

  4. @ Everyone.
    No, not working a job, but it sure feels like it. I think I worded things wrong. I have been handling legal papers for power of attorneys for both my parents and D and it DOES feel like I'm working. I have not handled paperwork like this since I worked at my old banking and insurance jobs 30+ years ago. It has been very mind boggling and stressful. But it is necessary as my parents are just not on the ball with money any more and D is having very bad medical issues in which his new attorney feels I need to have power of attorney for certain things. So I have been quite stressed. In fact, I have to sit back and think things over.
    Thank you for all of the concerns.

  5. Unfortunately your page refuses to show up on the list of blogs I follow. I wonder why; I have no trouble with others!