Monday, March 19, 2012

I am not flying with ToTo this Morning

Good Morning Everyone,

Well, we made the national news.  We had some very wild weather that developed VERY quickly last night.  I was watching the weather on the computer, which I do, and these super cells developed  in a matter of minuites and made their way right to our door literally.  The wind came up, had small hail, and the light show of lightening.
And along with that, we had a tornado that touched down just a block from us here.  It made its way from the lake south of us and then hit Bailey Yards, which is the Union Pacific RailRoad main lines. My home is one block from Bailey Yards.   It tossed about 15 cars around, hit some homes and did it general destruction.  I went out and seen the clouds start to dip and swirl, and start forming.  But, we have no place to go, so we just stood by to get into the heavy pickup and pray that if it did hit, we would bounce around,  but  my animals would be in the path and die,  and the house destroyed.
We did not get any damage here at my house, the winds were fierce.  And debris was flying around, the only solace was the fact this storm was moving at over 60 miles an hour right straight north and it was outside the city limits within minuites, but that is all it takes...a minuite or so to destroy everything.
So, this morning, I am giving blessings that everything was spared.  There was some damage to some homes that were in the path , and the weather service wil be out this morning to access the damage and the rating that this storm had. Ratings are the EF ratings, from 1-5 measuring the wind speeds inside these power houses of nature.  We will know more in a few days what EF rating this one had.

In my last post, I mentioned that I was "working".  Well, technichnally, not "working" a job, but handling mounds of paperwork on my parents affairs and D's.  It feels like I am working back at the bank and insurance companies I used to work for many years ago.  It has been mind boggling.  I do know, that I could not handle a job anyway, too many to run after, and there isn't work here anyway, especially for disabled morons like me. But anyway, I just wanted to clarify that I'm not working outside the house.

I have got some seedling up, some tomatoes, and leeks, and a few peppers.  I have been so pleased with the cheap heat mats and covered greenhouses that I got.  These really help with the tomatoes and peppers and other heat loving seeds.  So, currently, I am pleased.  I have never been able to keep tomatoes going until after it warms up totally, usually in June, and by then, its almost too late to get tomatoes going because of the weather and the growing seasons.

I have some photos and some more for posts, so I will post these later.
Right now, I need to get going this morning.  I have a doctor's appointment later and some errands and I will touch base with everyone later.
Everyone, please have a wonderful Monday, I know I am thankful.



  1. I'm glad to know you are safe. This scary season has started early this year--and nothing anyone can do to get out of the way.
    I don't envy your piles of paperwork--I've had too much of that lately as well--it drains mental energy!
    My first tomato seedlings have pricked through the potting soil--where, oh where am I going to put them when they have to be potted up!

  2. MM,
    Thank you for comments. I am glad this round of weather is done.
    I am quite sure you will find a place for tomatoes. I am thinking of where to put mine.

  3. SOOOO Thankful you are alright! Sounds like you have all the hassle of a job without any of the benefits. Don't forget to take care of you!


  4. I'm glad to know you're safe. I wasn't worried because I hadn't heard about a tornado in your area. But I certainly do know what it's like to ride out a storm with nowhere to go for safety. Been there, done that!

    Shoot me an e-mail if you have time and let me know where you got your greenhouses? My heat mats are working great. XOXOXO

  5. That sounds really frightening. Thank goodness we don't get stuff like that thrown at us here! Good to hear you're OK.

    Your page doesn't always come up on my dashboard, so I occasionally miss your postings. I wonder why that is?