Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Update from the Storms Sunday Night

Good Morning Everyone,

Just a quick post and update from the storms.  We had 4 confirmed tornadoes on the ground, ranging from EF-1's to EF-3's.
The EF-3 took out several homes and did quite a bit on damage in a small area. The wind speeds on EF3 are about 140mph.
The community is pitching in and helping those whose home were wiped off the planet.  They are ok, and safe, and we have had hundreds out to these places to clean, feed and provide general help.

I will do some posts later.

I have also had several inquiries about why my blog doesn't come up for some readers.  I am not at all sure why this is.  I have had past issues with some people's blogs doing this to me, but I am not technical, so I wish I could answer the question.  Anyway, just keep trying.  From what I have been reading from other's blogs, they have or have had issues with blogger also.  It may be technical in nature or just bugs in the blogger system.  You never know in this day of age what is going on.

Anyway, I thought I would update you on the storm findings. 
Take care and we will talk to all later.



  1. I'm glad to hear that you are safe my dear, but how dreadful for the folks who lost their homes and everything. Stay safe.

  2. It's good to know you're ok. Looks like we might be in for a wild ride this spring in Tornado Alley.

    We lived in a mobile home when our kids were young, had no place to go when the storms came. There was no community shelter or anything. So we'd just ride it out. We could've gotten in the car and gone to a shelter somewhere but by the time we got there we would've been picked off from the road. Some people in the trailer park would get in their cars and try to outrun the storm. I was always too scared to do that.

  3. We have a 1 ton dually pickup. And that is about the best we can do, to use as a bail out safe space. Or I have a 3 ft deep drainage ditch, which I have used. I'm not fond of it, its got snakes and creepy-crawly things in it, but when you have to, you have to just take your chances as to what you will share the space with...:=)

  4. Good to hear you're OK. We occasionally have strong wind (which I detest), but nothing that would knock a house down... as yet!

    Still can't get you to appear on my dashboard... Have you been rude to Mr Blogger?

  5. Yes, Mr M. Evidently, I have been rude, bad, not providing enough bribes, someone hates me, etc. etc.
    I hope that it may clear up, Mr. M. I know I have months of problems last year, then magically one day, everything fell into place and I had some blogs on I couldn't get before.

  6. Denim, i cannot see any posts after march 21st.. hope youre ok?

    Leanne x