Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Never Worked a Day in Her Life" and other BS

Good Morning Everyone,

Well to start off with here.  It is raining...yeah! It started thundering and lightening very early this morning, around 5 am. I WAS sleeping pretty good, the first time in about a week, with my back and allergies giving me insomnia really bad, and then the flashes of lightening and KA-BOOM,...rattle, rattle, the house until you think that its going to come off its frame. But we need the rain desperately, as its so dry here, as well as other areas of the country, we just didn't have winter like we normally do, and March was a total almost summer heat wave and really dried things out even worse and made pollen and allergies worse that normal also and has made our farm fields here very dry and the winter wheat, which needed snow cover to help it along, really dry it out.  I am not sure about yields this year, though our farm bureau is talking that it may be a good year, and one thing they were hoping for, was a decrease in grasshoppers, which I am not sure I am knowledgeable, but with the dry winter, and other variables, they did not think that hoppers would be a problem, but I was under the thought that heat and dryness triggered hoppers?  If someone knows, please inform me, its just for my brain bank.

Well, what I wanted to talk about is something that falls on all of us who read blogs, especially about slow living, frugal,  sustainable, low key, lifestyles, lifestyles not filled with consumerism, and the mentality of "buy, buy, buy" and then "buy some more", go into debt, work, work, work, yada, yada, yada....etc.
I also, before I go on this post, do not like to get real political, on both parties, and this post is not about the sides of politics, but it in a way,  includes politics. so I will begin with this....

I see that the Democratic Strategist, Hilary Rosen, made a very derogatory and degrading comment about Mrs. Romney that she, and I quote, "never worked a day in her life".  Well, what do you call it when you are a stay at home mom and raise 5 children?, Huh, Ms. Rosen?  I would like you to define the word and comment of "work".  I find this quite alarming and to be blunt, one of the  biggest gaffes I have ever heard.  If a woman chooses to stay at home and is able to, if her husband is able to work and give this gift to the wife, then this IS the family's choice in the matter, NOT YOURS.  Now, many women, HAVE to work to support families, either by choice or by necessity, but NOT YOURS, MS ROSEN.  Since when do you decide that staying home to handle the HOME. CHILDREN, BUDGET, TRANSPORTATION, ENERGY, FOOD PRODUCTION, and EVERY OTHER EMERGENCY that comes up in a home of someone YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW!!!!!
How dare you state that home moms (and dads) DON"T WORK!!!! PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME.
I seem to recall that your present administration is UNABLE to handle the home, budget, transportation, energy, food production and emergencies that come up in YOUR HOUSE...need I say more.

If people choose to stay at home, this isn't your call, Ms, Rosen, not even in the least bit.  I am personally shocked, and quite sure that this comment will come back to bite you in the ass, and when it does, it sure will leave a big chunk hanging out, which is what your tongue in doing now, hanging out and wagging.
I would like to know how YOU handle your home, Ms. Rosen,  Please, I am all ears.  How do you handle your home, children, budget, and all other things in between.  I take care of two elderly parents, and another disabled adult, handle budgets for two households, and all of the other in-between that come up, plus there's me too, and I am disabled also,  and I am sometimes in a whirl and a tail spin as to get it all done.  But if is isn't called work, I don't what it is.. playtime?, vacation? Please fill me in or did I miss something or did not get a memo on that at the last meeting....

I am just livid at this, people, this is not a comment directed at Republicans, it is directed at all who stay home, who work and come home and work at the home job, and everything in between.   It stabs at the very heart of family, home and life in general, our way of life.  This comment has taken the family to a new low, something between dirt and worms.  Need I say more.
Again, I do not want to get political, but please people, remember this comment when you get to the polls in November, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.....VOTE, VOTE  VOTE!!!!!

I now will try to calm down and start some seeds for the garden.  Oh I forget, I don't work.....

Have a great rest of the week all. Hope some of you get some of this rain coming through.
Will try to post later in the week.

Hugs to All


  1. Hear! Hear! I don't have a huge interest in politics either--I get more than enough listening to husband's rants after the news--and I do read the headlines.
    I was a stay-home wife and mother--most of my generation [maybe the last one] of country women lived that way. My mother, born in 1919 had been a teacher prior to marriage, stayed home to raise three daughters, renewed her certification and began teaching [part time] after we were all in school. Some women have had a degree of choice--others haven't. Some have made some extemely bad choices which may have led to their being 'single parents'. [Hmm--did I just dare to say that??] Let's face it, the reason behind a lot of women working full time [and whining about it] is attributable to a family wanting/expecting/demanding a lifestyle that is above even two normal incomes.
    Family money has undoubtedly made some aspects of Mrs. Romney's life easier than you or I have experienced--I don't think that's the real point.
    Ms. Rosen was way out of line in her sneering remark.
    On another note: grasshoppers were a dreadful plague in Wyoming--it didn't seem to much matter whether it was wet or dry.
    Dealing with whatever the weather hands out in any given season is very humbling--we can't do a thing about it! [Not sure we can do much aboaut how our country is run either.] On that note, I'm meant to outside planting beets and carrots!
    Blessings on you!

  2. I agree with you 100%. Thanks for taking a stand on this.

    Thanks for your comment and prayers too. Yes, things are hard all around and getting harder. Praying for you in your situations.


  3. So many times people who decide to make a HOME- not just a place to sleep and change your clothes but a restful, happy retreat from the outside world- are spoken of, thought of, and sometimes treated so disrespectfully.

    I know I am blessed to be a housewife, a homemaker, or even the industrial-sounding-mask-of-homemaking "domestic engineer" (why fancy it up.. to get more respect from the working world most likely), a SAHM or whatever is the popular phrase of the moment. They all mean one thing- There is a haven waiting to welcome those who spend their days without the comforts of home.

  4. I agree with you completely that Ms Rosen's comment was VERY poorly phrased and always correct people who talk about "women who stay home and don't work"--they aren't EMPLOYED, but they work plenty! You might want to re-read Rosen's comment in context, though; the point she was trying to make (very badly) is that you can hardly compare Ann Romney to the typical SAHM. Her family is extremely wealthy and she never had to struggle like the rest of us do. If you want a President that understands the problems of ordinary people, you might not want to vote for Romney.

  5. May I sound old-fashioned, and add that there's a lot to be said for being married, having all your children by the same man, staying home to manage everything, and being a proper housewife and mum. That's what my mother did.

  6. Yes, Mr. M. I am old fashioned also. Both of my parents worked, but I was blessed with loving paternal grandparents who took care of me, and held the role of parent, until my parents could get home.
    They were not divorced, or any of the major social problems we have so rampant seen today, like what I live around here in this third world trailer park, with all of the drugs, and promiscuity that is here, its like a revolving door.

  7. Being a stay at home mom with money is a way different experience than one of middle to lower income. Household help makes having time to parent and manage multiple households(!) easier. I was a single parent for many years and do not appreciate your generalized depiction of us anymore than the idea of home based women not working by Miss Rosen. I am sure that Ann Romney has no hard you or I or most homemakers work.