Saturday, June 2, 2012

Playing with the Blog

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I just popped in to let you know that I am "nesting" with the blog and colors, text, etc.  I am sort of living with it.  I will as I have some time this weekend and through the week, see if I can do something different with the photos.  I would like them a little bigger, and play with the text.  I have problems reading small letters and I know others do to, so I am playing with colors and text size to make it easier on all of our "older" eyes.  I want something easy on the eyes and not hard to make out what it is you are reading.

Today, I have been trying to find replacement hot peppers.  I went out this morning to water, and the red Chile peppers I had put in a few days ago, were eaten almost clear down to the ground, I was SO PO'D that it wasn't funny.  So I drove around, trying to find some type of hot pepper I could dry and grind down for my Chile powder.  I found some cayenne's but that was about it.  the veggies around town are quickly dwindling down and its hard to find anything anymore.  And everything is very expensive for plants and transplants, so I did find some at our local Menard which is similar to a Lowe's. They had a few things and I also picked up a pot of variety plants to place in an old chair that I use as a decoration on my patio.  I shouldn't of but it was pretty and I needed some color.

I am going to see if I can start some seeds of peppers, and hopefully, maybe keep them covered for later fall, if possible.  For some reason, things are late, including me.
My issues are money, and I have to be so careful where it goes, I can't buy indiscriminately, but I did splurge on the colorful pot for my chair.  I will post a photo later. It has a begonia in it that is a beautiful orange and some trailing plants and a chartreuse foliage in it so it is striking.

I also picked up about 6#''s of hamburger from the rancher that comes in from Valentine NE.  He raises grass fed beef and I will pull out some for tomorrow to grill.  I had a issue with the grocery the other day about what they are doing, by screwing people with their hamburger.  They are shorting you when you buy hamburger, and charging full one pound price for a not full pound of burger.  I caught the butcher that worked the counter and confronted him about it, but he said that I would have to take it up with management, and I said I would.  That really PO'd me too. Our hamburger prices are running at $4.79 a pound for 80/20 and I am not paying that period.  So I will try this ranchers beef and if its ok, and will continue to buy, if not, I am purchasing a grinder and doing it myself.  I have noticed that our grocery stores are now starting to short you on things and selling very inferior produce, so I have also noticed that people are not buying either.  Maybe when the grocery management sees its not selling, it may change its ways, which I bet they won't, but I am going to confront them about the shortages.

Well, I had better get off and start something for supper and get off my soap box. 

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. My attitude is to buy less, but of better quality. I'm very happy to eat simple pasta dishes two days a week.

    I'm not growing Chillies this year, just ordinary 'Capsicum' peppers. I don't use too many, so easier to buy one or two when needed. But I get through a helluva lot of dried Chillies.

  2. What a shame your chilli peppers got nobbled by something (slugs?) I hope you can grow some replacements - perhaps copper wire round them would keep the slugs off?

    As for your store selling short weight of anything - that is strictly against the law in this country, and I dare say in the States too. Sharp practice . . . I don't blame you for sourcing it elsewhere.

    As for mincers - I have a cupboard-full of old ones from 60 or more years ago. I grew up using one which used to be screwed on the end of the table and Sunday's roast beef ended up as Cottage Pie on a Monday, after I had minced up the meat.

  3. Dear Vicki ~ Sorry to hear about your peppers and the rip off at the grocery store.

    I bet your pot of color looks wonderful on your porch. We all need little pick me ups and flowers sure can do that for us.

    The larger text is easy to read, thank you.

    I chose a simple template in order to have larger pictures in my posts.

    Have fun and don't stress.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. Like the the new look! I always had trouble with your old blog as I'm slightly Blue/Yellow color blind. This is a lot easier to read.

  5. Vicki- the blogchanges are great, i can read them easily. I am struggling to read for long at the moment, and do appreciate this change- thankyou!
    sorry about the chillis' i have a huge problem with slugs and snails here, so i do sympathise!

    Leanne x