Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Little more to add on

Good Morning Everyone,

I thought before I start my day with my ADD and all things considered, I thought I would insert a thought from the post on the copyright article I posted late yesterday.

From that post, I did gather that is is supposed to apply to copyrights of music and artists work, BUT, from some other articles who have been talking about this,  I am very sure that this will be perverted into a total control of selling and buying.  All it needs it a little re-wording and a little song and dance and its a law.
Now, I do not like to get political on my blog, but I am active in local community politics here, as much as I can be.  For us in the U.S., we are NOT paying attention to what is going on with our elected officials, period.  Part of the problem is the fact the country is in such turmoil, and the economy is in a twist enough to re-arrange the cosmos,  that we all are just trying to keep our head above water, pay bills, try to keep a roof over our heads, and food on the table, keep what jobs we have, which is a daily battle in itself.  But with all this going on, our government, and elected officials, are banking on the fact that you do not pay attention and go on and sign your rights and liberties away like flushing the loo, and then one morning you are awake and "poof", you have nothing.

Everything from this article's report to the present administration's control of all things by executive order, including, food, energy, transportation, medical, communications  and all manners of life in general, by executive order.   I find our young people totally oblivious of what is going on around them, they are too worried about buying the new I-phone, or the new shoe, or the new whatever.  I guess what I am trying to say is this is what the government banks on...you not paying attention and the government is  throwing your life under the bus.

So, I finish this part by saying, please vote, which ever way you feel is important to you, but please remember, your vote also impacts all of us in the U.S. and what will happen in our future and the future of every one's children and grandchildren. It impacts everything. So please choose with wisdom and caution.

Now off of the political soap box.....

I forgot to add something else to the post yesterday.  And Ilene at her blog mentioned something that has something to do with my post this morning.  Parts for appliances, or  other things that we use in our homes, and included cars and parts.  What am I talking about you ask?  Well the cost of parts to repair things and whether its worth it to fix or get a different or a new unit.

Ilene at the Sun Rose and the Wind Bluewww.thesunroseandthewindblue.wordpress.com was talking about her washing machine, and that it needed a new part.  If I recall, the part was about $50+ dollars, and her husband was able to fix it. 
I had a problem with my old sewing machine over the weekend.  I drug my old Viking 960 out to fire it up so I can start some mending and plugged it in and....nothing.  So, D dismantled it clear down to the casing.  Found out it was the motor that was fried, totally.  I am not sure even what happened.  I had not had it out for about 6 years, but it ran when I tucked it in the closet.  At first, we thought it was the power cord, so I got online to a sewing machine parts company and looked up for a power cord and foot pedal for the 960.  I just about fell over when the power cord and the foot pedal was around $160.  The power cord and the foot pedal were separate so you had to purchase both.  Plus the shipping was around $30. Talk about parts shock. I didn't even look to see about motors for Vikings, as I figured it was beyond the price of the machine, which was  very old, 1982, and is not worth fixing.   Sounds like trying to find car parts, like finding a needle in a haystack.

So,  I went to Walmart, and put on layaway a Brother sewing machine.  It will do me fine for a while.  And its nice that I am able to lay it away. 

It just seems that we strive to live a frugal and simple lifestyle, reuse, repair, re-purpose things and try to stretch it out.  But you find that sometime the cost to repair the object that you are trying to save is next to impossible or to even find parts to fix it, and then add in the costs to fix it.  Sometimes, you just want to throw in the towel. And then, if you can get the part(s), the next problem is if you can fix it yourself, have someone who can fix it, or if you have to have a repairman come out to fix it.  If you have to have a professional repairman come out, that adds to the cost of the part.

Anyway,  I just thought I would start the morning on the soapbox and end it probably under the soapbox.  Told you, I'm always in trouble.
Have a wonderful day and week


  1. We have a very old manually cranked Singer sewing machine. The handle has broken, so every time it's used I have to stand by the side with a broom handle stuck in the wheel part; and turn. A new handle (if available) would cost a fortune... I come free!

  2. I have had a good ol' Wal-mart Brother sewing machine for about 9 years now. It's pretty much no frills, but it's a trooper. I consider it money well spent.

  3. Magnificent! (As usual. :-P )

  4. Denim,
    I truly do enjoy your posts, they are so spot on to the times.

    Vote, I think the winner is already pre-determined, our vote means nothing, they are just humoring us.

    As to the sewing machine?
    I use a 10 year plus Sears Kenmore, and I'm looking for an old, working treadle like the one I sewed on at Mom's house.
    I found a battery operated mini machine at the thrift shop which might come in handy too.
    Never know when those solar flares will hit!
    Sewing skills can be bartered.

  5. We have become a nation of
    throw-a-ways. A pet peeve of mine is when you have to get a part for a certain brand and other shops, if they don't carry that brand, can't even buy them! What rubbish.

    Our said many years ago that we were loosing our freedoms almost daily. I think he is right.

  6. Deminflyz, you are right on with your rant. I'm right there with you. Many years ago I discovered that TVs or electronics in general have no parts to even buy should a experimental person like myself would want to make an attempt to repair the ailing unit. It appears that the manufacturers just assemble the parts, send out the units, and never really even think about repairs. They want consumers to buy a new one. It's started to creep over into the bigger appliances like washers, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves. Heaven help us when it hits the cars. I suspect the hybrid cars might be the beginning of that.

    Politics. Yeah, I suspect your views on that subject might be pretty close to mine. Too much government and not enough people caring about what's happening. That is a good summation for sure. I'm not sure what it's going to take to wake folks up and smell the coffee. I suspect it's time to hunker down because I see a coming storm. On the up side, I believe all us old timers will no how to weather the storm. The young folks are the ones that will have great difficulty getting through the storm.

    Have a great day now that I've ruined it. :0)