Monday, October 15, 2012

Middle of October goings-on

Good Morning Everyone,

Well, its Monday, I hope that this is a fairly good week.  No problems, no anything but just a   busy week.
We are finishing up with outside work this week.   We usually button up the front porch, by wrapping it with a white tarp and securing it with lathes and 1x4 boards.  It really helps to keep north winds and snow off of the door and porch, which, unfortunately is on the north side.  We are also going to button up the carport on the north side to keep the wind and snow from blowing and gathering up around the patio below.  In this mix, I am also cleaning, heaving, and getting rid of things that are cluttering up my house, kitchen, closets.  I am in total winter  nesting mode.  My only problem is I lose steam and have to take breaks and then get back up and tackle it again.

I am wanting to get all of the outside work done, so I can strictly concentrate on going through each and every room, clean out junk, and then clean inside and outside cupboards and drawers.  I am sure I have some ADD, as I can get distracted very easily, but I think that this will work for me.  If I tackle one room at a time, it will get done, barring any other interference from something else. I did this in the kitchen this week. The kitchen is my working space and I felt it needed to be done first.   Cleaned and donated junk and things that just were not important to me anymore, and then donating them to the thrift shop so someone else can trip over it and love it for awhile.  I still have the kitchen cupboards and utility room to do, I want to get rid of some dinnerware that I just do not use,  which I may pull my ADD thing, and work this morning in the kitchen, and then when it warms up outside, tackle the porch.  D is going to start on the porch here in a little while and start moving things down under the carport and then taking the tarps and start wrapping the sides up.

It is supposed to be fairly nice here this week.  We have still had no rain at all, just that little tiny bit of snow, about an inch, and that's it.  It is so very dry. We still have the water hoses out, and we are still watering the trees, and the front yard  for a little while longer.  When it starts getting really cold, we will drain and put all of the hoses away.  We may keep a hose handy for some mid January watering if it continues to be dry and no moisture. Other than that, everything will be on its on for a few months.

On the home front and the trailer and park sale , I still have not heard from anyone or anything.   I am not going to fret or worry about it.  What will come, if it is to be, will be. 
What we are waiting on, truthfully is when D's work comp court case comes up in February.  D's attorney is waiting for the other side to start making some noise that they want to settle before court, which sometimes is a few months before court.  This is a very complicated case, with three companies involved, one which did not carry work comp coverage on his workers, so it is a nasty, complicated case. Mix in the fact that there was no medical care given when this fall  happened, and then D being fired from the job, just made a very toxic mess of the whole thing. Also is the fact, that this is the third attorney that is on this case, the first two could not figure out what to do, and made things even worse, one, the new attorney thinks was siding and being paid by the other side's council.  So this has been a mess. If this is settled, we may have changes in plans.  But as I say, the best laid plans of mice and men. So, we shall see. I personally do not have a high opinion of attorneys in the first place.  But sometimes they are needed for some legal aspects of life that you personally cannot resolve without knowing something about complicated laws.

My birthday was Saturday.  I usually do not celebrate it.  I am 54 years old now.  What DID I do.  Well, first thing in the morning, since it was cool and I could start up the oven, I made a very decedent carrot cake with creme cheese frosting.  And oh my, it is rich, but oh so good.  It is wonderful warmed up and with a steaming cup of tea. Now, I am going to confess here.  I did not make it from scratch, I could of, but time wise, I didn't.  I am not a master in the baking department, so I did not want to mess up a cake.  I bought a boxed mix from Duncan Hines.  It was the decadent Carrot cake mix with a packet of carrots and raisins in it.  It is separate and you pour hot water over the packet and then when everything is hydrated up, place it in your mix and you only need to mix just a few minutes and its ready.  It was very good. For dinner,  one of my house neighbor's bought me a gift card for a pizza that you have made fresh and then take it home and bake it.  It was just awesome, and for me, I did not get heart burn, which I usually do with take out pizza.  I also sampled some of my home made wine, which was very good, but it needs to set a little more, and then it will be ready.  I will do a post on how I do my wine, if anyone is interested.   It is very simple, and gives a good wine.  You do not need fancy equipment, or tools, or toys to make a decent table wine.

Well other than boring domestic duties that have to be attended to, that is about it.  I wish everyone a wonderful week, and just enjoy life and what enjoyment you get out of each and every day.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Glad you had some yummy treats to eat. I have made that carrot cake and it really is good!

    Sounds like things are relatively quiet over there which is always nice. Have a wonderful week :)

  2. Denim happy B-day. as you know mine was the 12th and I did something similar cleaning off a couple of work tables and desks, did an inventory of all my fabric and yarn for knitting. No special treats but I did have a couple of bottles of my all-grain beer!

  3. Happy birthday from France.

    I think we all have a sudden attack of ADD when we do cleaning (not that I do much). Keep warm. Cro x

  4. Happy birthday. I hope you got a big wad of good luck for your birthday and that the sale of the park and the court case all have the best outcome for you.

  5. Belated Happy Birthday! I just had one too and I could be your mother!

    I am very interested in how you make wine. I have never done it and when I start checking websites they being with a lot of high-dollar equipment and specialty stuff. That puts me off.

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