Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Jumble of Thoughts before Turkey Day

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Well, its Tuesday afternoon, I spent the morning making two pumpkin pies, and then a Raspberry Cheesecake ring.  I am not sure how that will turn out.  Its cooling outside for a little bit, then when I get back from running a few errands, I will have a snack with some tea.  I'll let you know.  If I don't blog, then you know it was a failure, LOL.  I am trying to get the baking done, so I don't need to worry about making room for things in the oven for Thanksgiving.  My oven is large, but it still has only so much room.  I am not much of a baker, so I like to get this done, so I don't stress out about it and burning anything or making a mess.  The pies look good, I don't like a real brown crust, but I do not have pie crust covers.

Wednesday Morning, 21st. Update:  The Raspberry Cheesecake ring turned out wonderful.  This is going to my house neighbor for her Thanksgiving table today. I will make another for me later.  I made Raspberry cheesecake for me. Yum!
Today, I just have a few errands to do, and then I will be shut up for the rest of the week.  It is a complete mad house around here.  People are running around totally spaced out and do not have their minds on driving, or any other functions except spending money they don't have, and trying to please the in-laws, the out-laws, and everything in between.  I am so very glad I do not play the game of pleasing the relatives, I quit that game a very long time ago.  Wonderful, quiet bliss.

Well, I just wanted to pop in and send Thanksgiving Holiday wishes to all and blessing upon you.
Hugs to All


  1. Cover the pie crust edges with foil for the first 20 minutes of baking, they shouldn't brown much this way. I normally don't eat the crust edge, it makes me feel healthier after stuffing pie in my pie hole.

    Pleasing the relatives... I just keep my mouth closed and watch football. It's hard enough to just be in the same house sometimes.

  2. I'm always asking my wife to bake cakes and pies just a little bit longer... so as they get MORE browned. To each his own.