Saturday, November 24, 2012

Seen Something

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I am just quickly posting a few things for over the weekend for you to read.  I also came across a blog that, for awhile, disappeared.
I was blog hopping and sand bagging over the holiday, and came across a blog. On this particular blog, was listed Granny Miller.  Now, I am not sure if anyone has read her blog, but she practices an Agrarian life style and has much wisdom to share.  Then one day, I went to her blog and she said she was quitting the blog and then it disappeared into the great purgatory of the cosmos.  This new blog I came across, had her new blog and listing and I am going to share it.  So, Ms Granny Miller, I hope that its ok to share, as you have much to share.  Her blog is so please go visit.  I cannot tell you how long she has bee up, but I did read that she was moving content from the old to the new blog. 
Well, I have much to do today, and I will touch base with everyone later. 


  1. Ok, this is so weird and cool. Just yesterday I was wondering if Granny Miller ever went back to blogging. Thanks for the link!

    I haven't been around in a while. Good to see you are still blogging. Hope to be more active again soon.

    1. Oops I forgot, I changed my online identity. I will email to let you know who I am. lol

  2. I just visited Granny Miller. I can see I need to go back an read more. It is a very interesting site. Thanks.