Saturday, January 12, 2013

Chilly Morning

Good, Cold Morning Everyone,

Well, it is very chilly this morning.  I have temperature on the computer, and it says "7" F. I am sure, with the wind blowing pretty stiff during the night, it got below zero in wind chill temps. Burrrrr.

I hope everyone enjoys the post from Countryside Magazine about the wood stoves.  I found it interesting.  My grandmother had one and I do remember it quite well.  And like David mentioned in a comment he made, you had to "live" by the stove constantly. It is very nostalgic, but it would be a pain also. They are beautiful pieces of kitchen ware, but they have a personality all their own.

We had a very brief baby blizzard late yesterday afternoon.  About 4 pm, the wind started up and then a brief rain, that quickly turned into ice within about 10 minutes because of the warm air we have had and this very cold Canadian air gusting around 35mph, it got very treacherous real quick. It then snowed a baby snow storm for about a half hour, and this snow was just like the last, very dry, granular pellet like and slick. It was done very quickly but left the usual slick stuff behind and people being like they are, there were accidents and I think we also had a small aircraft go down during this to the northwest of us about 11 miles. I have not heard any more about it.

I have a case of cabin fever real bad too.  Its been some what nice the last few days, and when it gets this way, I am out and getting some fresh air and some sun.  I know that I have seasonal disorder, and I bought some Vitamin D and am taking this, and I feel better now.  I am also making my parent's take it.  They are suffering from it also and they are crabby, and get hard to handle, so I have been making them take it when I go over to check on them.  They get mad when I do this, but I have to make sure they take it. 

I tried this last week to get to my cold frames, but somehow, a little snow blew in where I have my frames stored, and this melted and left some ice.  They have a collar of ice around them.  This little bit of cold we are having will let up in a few days, and its supposed to warm up and I will wait until then, and pull the frames out.  I will get this set up on my south side and put my plastic up and place a few of the ghetto buckets up to warm up and probably February, I will start some greens and spinach. Being brain dead, I should of just placed the frame on the south side first, but the moron owner complained he did not like it up, and I told him to stick it....but I was afraid that one of his goon's would come by during the night and take it and destroy it, so I just put them away where no one can get to them, including me. I would rather wait and put up then find them destroyed.

Not too much going on here at all.  I have been staying healthy from not getting the flu, but I have had very bad sinus headaches, which wakes me up and I then I can't get back to sleep, then my whole day is sort of like running around in a fog.  I know its just the weather, the season, and it will get better soon, I just have to hang in there and make do.  This will pass.

Well,  I am in the process of getting ready to make banana bread.  I need something sweet to have with coffee.  I am getting better at baking.  I have never been much of a baker, but as I master things, it gets better, and it helps when your poor and do not have money to buy anything anyway, so you make it. 
I wish everyone a wonderful weekend and if it cold, stay warm, if  its warm, enjoy and send a little my way.

Hugs to all


  1. My goodness it is COLD where you are. It is 8o, and humid here. There is a breeze, no rain in the near forecast. I was out hand watering this morning.

    Your banana bread sounds good to me.

    Have a nice weekend and stay well ~ FlowerLady

  2. Oh, don't I know it was cold this morning. I arose at the crack of dawn (well before dawn) at 6am to dress up like a penguin and stand in front of the middle school door to get my grandson signed up for the next Red Cross swimming session. Nineteen degrees bathed my body for over an hour before the doors opened for all those standing in line. It's only $22 for a twelve week session and is very popular hence the standing in line because when the class level is full, you're out of luck. I put all three of my kids through the certified swim classes and now am starting on my grandson. Fortunately, the wind was not blowing this morning or it could have been allot uglier.

    We did have a temperature drop with wind about 11pm last night but no snow that I know of. There's bright sunshine now and warmer temperatures.

    Have a great western Nebraska day.

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  4. It's not a whole lot warmer here in the South Plains of TX. If you have florescent fixtures, try getting the kind of tubes that say "full spectrum" or "sunlight" or "natural daylight". "Light bulb" light is missing some of the full spectrum of light that sunlight has, and this "missing light" is what triggers your seaonsal affective disorder. You can also get these kind in the screw in fluorescent bulbs. They are a little more expensive, but it will help lighten your SAD. You should try some Mucinex D for your sinus headaches if you can find it in generic. Helps mine wonderfully. Opens up your head and gets it to drain.

  5. Good luck with the Vitamin D. I hope you can keep your folks on it too.

    My advice on the baking.....keep doing it. Practice makes perfect. Each time you bake something, it will get easier and the end product will be better. When I stop for just a couple of weeks, I can tell the difference. Baking is good for the soul!

    Hang in there, spring can't be far behind!