Friday, January 11, 2013

Learning to cook on a woodstove by Deborah M. from the November/December, 1998 issue of Countryside & Small Stock Journal


  1. Vicki, I can remember my great grand mother cooking on the cook stove. Most of her waking life hinged around that stove as the article indicates. It definitely isn't a set the timer and walk away type of cooking. It's all a very gloriously pioneering type of glamorous cooking but I would want something other out of life than being tied to the kitchen all day. It would be fun to live that way for a couple weeks but then I'd be ready to come back to modern conveniences. It's a great article though and it's why I like Countryside magazine.

    Have a great day.

  2. Getting the temperature right on ours is the difficult bit. It's usually either not hot enough, or if I've just cleaned it; too hot. Our winter is still not really cold, so it has yet to be lit this year, but I'm told we might have snow soon so it'll probably be fired-up before long. It doubles as heater and cooker; wonderful for stews, bread, pies, etc.